Monday, November 16, 2009

Blk 284 Bishan St 22/24 Fish Soup

Yesterday I was reading my past entries, and realised that I still have not try the fish soup at Bishan .. the one which I went for 3-4 times but the stall did not open..

So last night I went again... and it was opened finally...

This stall only sell fresh fish soup + rice/beehoon/mee suan.. so dont expect fried fish soup because its not available.. I waited for around 15mins before we got to eat...

I do find it quite nice! Its above average... The soup is qing dan type.. and the fish quite fresh..but for me, I find that its rather similar in taste as Angelhorse fish soup at Queen Street temporary hawker centre. Angelhorse's fish soup also qing dan soup base, but its fish is so fresh that I thought the fish had just been killed before cooking in the soup... ( Till date, Angelhorse's is one of the fish soup which I find the fish ultra fresh!.. it cost $3 for 7-8 pieces of sliced fish) .. of course, I also like Aljunied fish soup which the soup is more flavourful + fish is equally nice and quite I like the braised duck there... )

But yesterday we ate a nice snack/food... baked rojak,, and this big plate of you tiao + 1 piece tau pok only cost $2.. and its delicious.. ( to find out what is the difference between its $2 and $3 portion, can read here)

Ok, I will visit KPT kopitiam soon, and eat these 2 food again.. ('',)

Update (4 Feb 2010) : Prices of fish soup has increased by 50cents per serving.

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