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Tian Wai Tian FishHead Steamboat [天外天(鸿记)潮洲鱼头炉]

Time flies... Its 3 Dec 2009 ... I still remember that a year ago on this day I actually started my blog and posted about how we celebrated my mummy's birthday at Togi Korean Restuarant.. And today we celebrated my mummy's birthday...

At first I had wanted to bring my mummy to Golden Mile for steamboat .. but in the end we went to Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat.. haha, I love to eat fish .. so does my dearest mummy...

Actually Tian Wai Tian is located at quite an ulu place at the roadside of Serangoon Road, the stretch of shophouses with the ex-broadway bridal studio, and the big Mei Zhen Xiang ... but its business has been very good because its always packed with customers everytime I passed by ( think they had been there for decades) ... About a year ago, I tried abit of the food as I were there to meet my friends.. it was not bad from what I could vaguely remember.. Ok, if the food was super horrible or nice, I would definitely be able to recall... During that food tasting session, I knowTian Wai Tian happened to be in the nice food category..

Ok, to cut the story short.. we brought our mummy to Tian Wai Tian for dinner this evening at around 6pm.. there were already a few tables of customers who started to eat... When we were there, nobody served us and when I looked around, I saw a few customers at the cashier counter with the lady boss, ordering their food.. I tried to request for the menu.. but I think they dont have one..because they only have a few dishes so no need for the menu.. when it was my turn.. we ordered 4 dishes + a red grouper fishmeat steamboat.. (the lady boss asked if we wanted the fishhead, and we said dont want, so she gave us all fish meat)

Last time when I was there with my friends on a Saturday evening, I still recalled that they had waited around an hour for their food to be served.. but earlier.. as there was no much crowd.. we got all our food within 10minutes... Immediately after I finished ordering food, when I went back to our table, all the bowls,chopsticks and spoons were given to us...

The main dish - Red Grouper Steamboat ($30) .. (full of fish meat with yam, some shredded ginger.. vegetables... and the soup is flavourful yet not oily) I do like this version more compared to the more oily fishhead Steamboat at Whampoa Market -. ... We can even request to add more soup ... and the staff actually went round to top up soup in our steamboat pots without us asking... ( Personally I think the soup is good, and dont have so much MSG because after the meal, we were not thirsty..normally those food/soup loaded with MSG, we would end up very thirsty, but not for this delicious steamboat..) Even the top up soup is also flavourful!

Sambal Kangkong( $6) - Normal Sambal Kangkong, it was stirred fried dry..quite nice..

Sweet & Sour Pork ( $6) - I had wanted to order the pai gu wang, but in the end, my father ordered this .. but surprising, the little pork cubes were quite meaty, without much fat.. as in when I bite into half, its meat not fats! ..

Fried chicken wings ( $8) .. I am not a chicken wing lover.. I tried 1 piece and I find it to be very crispy on the outside and juicy inside.. The crust is crispy, remains me of Long John Silver's crispy thing .. My brother seem to enjoy this coz he ate the most... the skin quite thick though.. but I think if you are a chicken wing lover, you will like this dish.

Prawns With Tofu - ($12) ... My father saw all the customers at other tables ordered these, so he also ordered.. haha, the prawns were quite huge, with slices of egg tofu ..the gravy is something like chilli crab gravy.. so you can roughly imagine the taste.. its quite delicious! ... My brother find this nice too, he ate until he sweated, because he cannot take spicy stuffs ( to be honest, its not that spicy)... but he still bear the sweat and ate these juicy big prawns.. Definitely worth trying!

haha, although at the cashier there was a sign that states that customers to pay when the last dish was served.. the lady boss did not ask us to pay when she served us the last dish.. in fact, half way through, I went over to the cashier to pay money.. and I was very surprised to note that she can remember the 5 dishes that we ordered ( half way when we were eating, the place was already packed) .. she used a calculator and went through the price of each dish..

I was super surprised that all the dishes were rather cheap, cheaper than most zhi char stalls I have been to.. I was expecting the prawn dish to be around $20.. but it turned out to be only $12 for such a big serving.. Ok, 1 thing to note,..when we were ordering the food, the lady boss only asked us for how many people, and we did not even tell her the size of each dish .. I guess she is very experienced to roughly know what sizes she should serve us or how much we should be ordering... (We were very full, and we polished off every single dish) When we left around 7pm+, the place already packed! So I guess have to go early.. if go during weekends, be prepared to wait for a long time..

2 days ago, we passed by Veerasamy Road.. and saw Tian Wai Tian got another branch there..but no customers one.. I guess the original one is at this Serangoon Road... so that explains the crowd...

We were all satisfied with our dinner.. will definitely go there again for the cheap and yummy food!

Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat is located at:

1382 /1383 Serangoon Road
( Diagonally Opposite to Ex-Jackson Kopitiam, its at an ulu coffeshop)

- If you are driving, you should turn left upon seeing Opal Crescent. This coffeeshop is just located at the inter-section of Serangoon Road, and Opal Crescent.

When we reached home, and after some rest ( although still quite full).. we sang birthday song to our dearest mummy and cut the cake... Thank you my dear for buying this black forest cake for my mother.. it tasted better than the slice of chocolate cake we bought.

A Very Happy Birthday to Our Best Mummy !!!
We love you always!

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