Thursday, February 4, 2010

Celebrating Jeffrey's Birthday @ La Zi Mei & The Mind Cafe

Last friday (29th Jan), we celebrated Jeffrey's birthday (quite last min I should say) . first we met at Vivocity but all the steamboat restaurants (the one besides Daiso and Jpot) were all full house.. I was telling them confirm need to book as these 2 always full house .. Jpot seem to increase its set menu prices)

Anyway, we went to bugis since Jeffrey seem like he wanted steamboat... the guys reached first and they chose this shop called la zi mei ( just opposite Shaw)

I ate a lot of sliced beef and sweet corn.. We chose fish, chicken and tom yam soup as our soup bases.. Personally I prefer the tom yam soup base out of the 3, because it just taste right like tom yam... Ingredients nothing special.. but they have quite a number of sauces for us to mix, abit like Jpot concept.. of course the sauces are not displayed in nice bowls and does not come with any special instructions on how to mix Jpot special sauce... ( Of course, the ambiene at Jpot is much much better even though we were seated in the air-conditioned section at La Zi Mei)

It cost $18 each, inclusive of $3 free flow drinks ( can choose fruit punch, lime and water chestnut) One jug of drinks cost $6 and we had 4 jugs .. so still ok..

Conclusion: La Zi Mei is just average for a steamboat buffet..

Next we proceed to The Mind Cafe at Purvis Street.. This was my second time visiting such a cafe.. my first visit was at Settler's cafe about 1-2 years back.

We ordered the package A which considered of 1 drink ( free flow) and 1 hour of games ..with additional hour charged at $3.50.

^ Ah Guan told the staff to recommend easy to play game for the 9 of us.. and he recommended us Saboteur .. All the 9 of us never played this game before but we tried playing since the staff was there to guide us through the whole game.. think without the staff's explanation, it was really pretty tough to understand how to play the game..

Actually its really a simple game, and quite fun to play ... I find it more interesting if we draw a Saboteur card ( the bad guy) The role of the saboteur is to prevent the good guys from laying paths to find the gold.

All the good guys will corporate and lay the paths to find the gold.. (hidden in one of the 3 cards at the other end) while the bad guys (saboteurs) will team up and try all means to explode the pathways and block the good guys to lay the path...

We all had fun playing this card game.. but we were quite disappointed with the staff because they purposely served us the free flow drink after 45minutes .. He said the 1 hour of game started when he took our order at 11.50pm.. but the drink came at 12.45am.. we were telling him that its not fair for us, how to have free flow drinks within 15mins.. then he said he will start the time at 12am.. then in the end, he said 12.15am.. but because we were hooked on playing Saboteur that we extended another hour.. and left at 2am..

I think to be fair for customers, I think the 1 hour should start when the drinks are being served and not when the order was taken. The service was pretty good ( because the staff was patience and friendly in explaining and teaching us how to play the card game).. but just that they purposely served the drinks at such a late hour, so that we would extend playing time .. Is it their strategy all these while??

The total bill came to $110++ for 9 pax.. ( including a brownie ice cream which was pretty good to be honest...but we just not happy why the drinks were served so late, although in the end, we left after 2 hours from the time the staff took our order)

And after we foot the bill, there was a dice game ( the total number out of 2 dices) to determine our prize for the next visit, prizes include free munchies, one hour of free games, 15% off, $5 off etc... then for a total of 13, the prize is 1 year of free games at Mind Cafe.. we asked the staff how can 2 dices totalled to 13 and guess what he said.. he said its a joke!! KNS.. I dont think its funny!

Think we can just go and buy a pack of Saboteur and play to our hearts' contents at Jeffrey's place..

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