Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blk 284 Bishan St 22/24 Fish Soup & Baked Rojak

I had these at Blk 284 Bishan St 22/24 KPT kopitiam last month...

^This is the $5 portion. ( confirm more slices of fish)
For $3 portion, can see this post.

^ This is the $3 baked rojak.. I asked the aunt what is the difference between $2 and $3.. and for $2, we can choose between

a) 2 pieces tau pok and 1/2 you tiao ( my 1/2 youtiao actually refer to half of a pair, since youtiao comes in a pair.. For rojak, normally 1 piece youtiao, really mean 1/2 of a pair of youtiao..but this aunt actually considered 1 you tiao as a pair)

b) 1 piece of tau pok and 1 you tiao ( a pair)

And for $3 portion, it consists of:
c) 2 pieces of tau pok and 2 you tiao ( 2 pairs)

Which mean for $1 more, I can get 1.5 pairs of you tiao more.

Anyway, today I went to eat the fish soup and rojak .. and was surprised that the fish soup increased all their prices by 50cents each.. last time their prices starts from $3/$4/$5.. now all increased to $3.50/$4.50/$5.50 ( I guessed they increased their prices just this month, because January when I went, still the old prices)

Despite increasing its prices, its business is still good.. sometimes for nice food, people really wont mind the price increase. ( haha, I still prefer Angel Horse Fish Soup and Aljunied fish soup.. just that Bishan is nearer to my home :) 

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