Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cuttlefish Craze

I quite like to eat cuttlefish, maybe its very chewy.. I can finish one pack of Dahfa cuttlefish at one shot..Dahfa cuttlefish also available in big slices, which is easier to eat, just take one whole piece and bite... So far the cheapest Dahfa cuttlefish I found in Singapore is above Bugis Hawker Centre (Albert Centre), where we can purchase dried goods at wholesale or cheaper price... (The newly renovated hawker centre besides Fu Lu Shou Complex, diagonally opposite OG Albert Complex.)  This is the hawker centre where Angel Horse Fish Soup can be found!

Despite this hawker centre being new as it just undergone renovation, its really crowded, so difficult to find seats during peak hours, tables and floors all full of used plates/bowls/utensils..nobody clearing up and very messy (even the ex temporary hawker centre seem better than the newly renovated one).. that I gave up eating there and went elsewhere to eat the other day.

Oh, the dahfa cuttlefish only cost $2.60 per pack.. Cheap right?

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