Thursday, February 4, 2010

[Sharon's Contest] Guess What It This Item..Ans & Winner Revealed!

Did you guess correctly what is this item??

dada.... ( more pictures....)

Yes... It is a recycled ice ... basically you just put it inside a glass of water, the ice inside the plastic will melt into water, making your water cold.. then you just wash this cute plastic and store it into the freezer, and let it freeze into ice again..  I have kept this for more than a decade, and its still usable! But so far, I have yet to see these selling in Singapore.. maybe just freeze water into ice cubes will be more practical, than washing these recycled ice to use all over again... ( anyone see similar stuff for sale in Singapore shops?)

Congratulations to Nic who had given the correct answer. I had tried to contact her via her given email on 26th Jan and 4th Jan 2010, but I had yet to get any reply from her..

Dear Nic, If you are reading this, hope my emails to you had not gone to your spam folder.. Hear from you real soon so that I can mail you the surprize prize! ('',) Please contact me at if you did not receive my emails.

Many thanks to all of you out there who had participated in this little contest.. Hope you had fun guessing what is the item... If I come across any interesting objects, I will post it here again.. Stay tune ('',)

Sharon ('',)

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