Friday, February 19, 2010

Review: FreshKon Mosaic Urban Grey

Recently I received a direct mailer from FreshKon which includes a Buy 1, Get 1 free brochure for its latest product - FreshKon Mosaic contact lenses.. I tried before FreshKon Alluring eyes ( Big eyes lenses) and it did make my eyes bigger.. so I thought why not add some colors to my eyes during this Chinese New Year... which I did...

Product: FreshKon Mosaic in Urban Grey

Just one look is all it takes to captivate your beholders, when your beautiful eyes are enhanced with the rich yet natural colors of MOSAIC cosmetic lenses.

  • Unique, hyer-real pattern- Pointilla
  • Defined outline for a natural, elegant impression
  • Hydrophilic (water-loving) surface for comfortable wear
  • 55% water content for optimal comfort
  • Easy to wear with no curling lens problem
  • Large optical zone for clear vision
  • Superior wettability for daily wear
Packaging: 2 pieces ( 1 pair) per box

Colors Available: Velvet Blue, Urban Grey, Luscious Green, Charming Brown

Price: $35/box

I have to admit that this was my very first time buying and wearing color lenses, so I was in dilema when I was choosing the color.. At first, I was thinking of taking Velvet Blue since it look really nice on the model, Natalie... but on the other hand, Urban Grey also look not bad.. The optometrist was telling me that this new Mosaic range, all the colors were pretty natural.. She told me that Charming Brown look the most natural, and added that Velvet Blue look quite similar to Urban Grey.. I was thinking since my eyes look abit brown, so thought of getting a different color... After looking at pictures and samples for about 5-10mins, I finally made up my mind and chose Urban Grey.

Here is the picture of the color lenses in the solution:
^ This is how Urban Grey look like ... it really seem to have the mosaic effect.. a mixture of different shades

Think my eyes too small, can see abit of dark brown in the middle of the contact lenses.

I realised that for color lenses, one must wear makeup to enhance the overall look.. From the above pictures, my eyes like look very fierce with and without the contact lenses, but the fierce look is softened when I put on some eye makeup....  
For $17.50 per box ( if you have the 1 for 1 brochure), is really worth it... ('',)

For my reviews on Velvet Blue, check this post.
For my reviews on Charming Brown, check this post.


Anonymous said...

Oh, where did you buy it from? I was quoted 38 dollars for a box.
And is there anyway I can get the FreshKon which includes a Buy 1, Get 1 free brochure too.
Thanks :)

Sharon said...


I bought my FreshKon Mosaic lenses from Pearl's Visioncare at Heartland Mall level 3. I think the recommended retail price is $38but most shops sell a few dollars below the retail price. ( coz I also bought my Alluring eyes contact lenses at $35 instead of the retail price at $38 long time)

Maybe you can call up a few distributors near you to check out the prices, there will be bound to have some who sell below the retail price.

Regarding the buy 1 free 1 brochure, I got it through direct mailer from Freshkon. If you have not registered as member, you can do so now, since its free of charge, then they will send you brochures on their promotions. But I doubt they will send you this brochure immediately upon registeration, but at least you can look forward to their upcoming special promotions or new launches.

Hope my info help.. and thanks for visiting my blog ('',)


Anonymous said...

Your lenses look so pweetty! I like browns on you, very natural yet lends a subtle emphasis to your irises ;)

Sharon said...

Hi Prettyeagle,

haha, the grey look brown right? I also think they look abit brown.. next time I will try Mosaic brown contact lenses...


Ryan said...


I'm from the philippines and theyre not selling freshkon mosaic here yet. just the color fusion.

is it possible if you can buy me freshkon mosaic charming brown and ship it here in the philippines? Im willing to pay in advance so you wont think im a scam. hehe

please let me know through your comment how I can get in touch with you. Im bookmarking your blog. thanks!

Sharon said...

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for dropping by my blog and checking out my review on FreshKon Mosaic contact lenses. I just help you to check on FreshKon website and there is a dealer in your country distributing FreshKon products.

Here is the link:

Surya Imports, Inc.
Suite 1902, 19/Fl., Cityland 10, Tower 2
H.V. De La Costa St., Salcedo Village
Makati City 1200, Philippines
Tel : (63) 2 8957322

Try to contact them and see if they are able to provide you with the nearest optical shop to you or mail the items to your country.

If really cannot, then you email me at and see how I can help you, I was thinking it may be difficult since transferring of money may be an issue and shipping will be expensive too..

Hope that FreshKon Philippines dealer will be able to help you get the Mosaic contact lenses so that you wont have to spend more money to get the lenses from Singapore.


ling said...

hey sharon
take part in this contest leh.!/pages/FreshKon/45802867995?v=app_4949752878