Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FreshKon Mosaic Beauty Workshop

I was very lucky to be selected as one of the 40 participants to attend FreshKon Mosaic Beauty Workshop at Sephora Ion on 25th March 2010...

Before the workshop, we were being informed that we would be getting 4 complimentary boxes of Freshkon Mosaic colored lenses [YES, we were given 4 pairs each!!('',) ] which mean I could choose 2 different colors since both my eyes' power are different.. Since I already wearing Urban Grey .. here are what I chose for the 4 complimentary boxes.. 

Velvet Blue (which I wanting to try at but dont dare to try..cause I afraid blue will turn my eyes into vampire looking eyes) and Charming Brown (which will definitely be the safest out of the 4 colours)... haha.. so now I only left with luscious green and I would have tried all the colors under the FreshKon Mosaic Series.. 

I was told to wear Velvet blue contact lens to the workshop.. so I took some pictures before going out... 

Here is a picture of FreshKon Mosaic ( Velvet Blue) in the solution:

And me wearing FreshKon Mosaic in Velvet Blue ( with and without eye makeup)

Ok.. Velvet Blue does not make my eyes look like those of vampires'.. Not as scary as I thought it might be.. because this is my first time wearing such a striking color lenses. Actually after attending the workshop and seeing all the girls around me in their different FreshKon Mosaic colored lenses.. I realised that Luscious green does look similar to Velvet blue, and Urban grey look similar to Charming Brown.. ( I guess its the mosaic effects, combining different tones/shades in each color..

* Click here for pictures for Freshkon Mosaic in Charming Brown,
* Click here for pictures of Freshkon Mosaic in Urban Grey.

Some pictures I taken from the workshop:

Nice displays of FreshKon banner and Sephora cosmetics in the front..  (The workshop was held in a cozy open area inside the spacious Sephora Ion outlet.)

Our Emcee for the workshop, Ms Renee.. She was wearing FreshKon Mosaic Urban Grey lenses which gave a subtle look - perfect complement to her dress. 

And this is Ms Agnes.. She gave us a short presentation and shared with us more information about the latest FreshKon Mosaic Colored Contact lenses.. ( for those of you with perfect eyesight, you are still able to add colors to your eyes using FreshKon Mosaic, because plano ( non powered) lenses are available ... (In fact, Freshkon Mosaic power ranges from - 0.00 ( non powered) to -10.00. 

Next Ms Andrea ( an optometrist) shared with us tips on how to care for our contact lenses and eye hygiene..
We should remove lenses before removing our eye makeup, always wash our hands before putting on/removing our lenses, and always make it a point to clean, rinse and disinfect with multi-purpose solution.

Next up.. we had a makeup demonstration on 4 participants who wore 4 different colors.. and the makeup artists showed us how to complement eye shadows colors to the colored contact lenses we were wearing.. Velvet blue lenses goes well with blue, purple and grey make-up shades, Luscious Green lenses goes well with blue, turquoise, gold, black and orange.( the makeup artist applied blue eye shadow on the model who was wearing luscious green) lenses .. haha.. I mentioned earlier that luscious green look similar to velvet blue right..^.^  , Charming Brown can match with shades of brown, gold, blue and green. and Urban grey will go well with grey,pink, black, blue and purple shades.

Just one all it takes..

The team of FreshKon also prepared yummy snacks and drinks from Coffee Bean, for us... (but most of us were busy playing with the makeup as there was a hand-on session after the makeup demonstration..The friendly and helpful Sephora makeup artists also went round, gave us makeup tips and guided us in doing our eye makeup.)

That is not all.. all of us walked home with a goodie bag which was sponsored by FreshKon and Sephora...

Inside the goodie bag also include a $60 Sephora voucher which we got to utilize on that actual day.. and I had a hard time choosing the products from the wide range of Sephora products...

I would like to thank FreshKon for giving me this rare opportunity to attend this workshop to learn more about the latest FreshKon Mosaic colored contact lenses and picked up useful tips in caring for my lenses.. 

A big thank you to FreshKon and Sephora for giving us so many goodies and treats to bring home!! ('',) 

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