Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Most Beautiful Eyes" By Kiehl's Contest

I had sent in a picture of my eyes in the "Most Beautiful Eyes" By Kiehl's Contest and I was super duper lucky to be selected as the top 5 entries.. which mean a chance to win at least $1k worth of Kiehl's products if my entry was the top 3 highest votes received.. Yes, need to vote!! 

This is the picture of my eyes that I submitted:

My aim is to get the 3rd prize because I know the chances of winning even the 3rd prize is very slim.. but I still wish for miracles to happen..

The attractive Kiehl's prizes:

  • 1st prize: $2500 worth of Kiehl's products
  • First-runner up: $1500 worth of Kiehl's products
  • Second runner-up: $1000 worth of Kiehl's products
How I wish there will be 2 consolation prizes, at least I wont walk away empty handed despite being so lucky to be be selected in the final 5.

Voting Period commences 19th March - 3rd April 2010.  

Here is the direct link to vote:

Then just follow these steps:

Please vote for me ! (Contestant No.2) Thanks a million ('',)

P.S: Only Cozycot members (cotters) are allowed to vote in this Kiehl's Most Beautiful Eyes Contest. If you are not a Cozycot member yet, just sign up as a member on Cozycot forum, ( on the top right hand corner) and you can start to vote for me and join the interesting events that Cozycot has in-store for us.

Update: Contest had ended. Thank you for all your votes! 


Jyoan said...

Hi babe! I am here. From CC. wow, you make so much effort to do things like scan in that issue of Urban. It always takes me ages to something like that. haha, I have not tagged the CC link on my blog.

Sharon said...

Hi Jyoan,

Thank you for dropping by my blog.

I did not scan in issue of the Urban .. Most of the times, I use my camera to snap pictures then upload onto my blog...its much faster than try it...

Tagging the CC link also quite easy.. ( other complicating stuffs I dont know how to do)

Take care!