Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Visit To A Ghost Town Shopping Mall!

Last evening, I had wanted to bring my mother to Tebrau City Jusco, where I never drive there before ... so I searched my GPS for "Jusco" and I found a few destinations just 6km away from JB customs.. (Actually my mum's friends did tell me to drive all the way straight after the right turn after the Shell petrol station which was nearest to JB customs, and one of them told me it was around 10km away).. I did went once, in my friend's car and she was the one driving not me.. but I also remember she drove all the way straight.. 

But just now I chose to follow my GPS instructions and ended in an ulu place. which was also Jusco but the one in Permas Jaya ( no wonder I passed by private houses, short lanes, dark roads..) In fact when I reached the place, goosebumps appeared on my arms (No jokes!) .. it was really an ulu place with a big open air car park..and worst still inside the shopping mall, the number of all the staff totaled up was definitely more than the number of customers found there.. It was that bad!! 

^ Besides Jusco

^ I Spotted A & W there.. but no customers!

^ My only console to see my favourite bakery ... Lavender!( there also got a Watsons, much smaller than City Square's Watsons)

Despite Jusco Permas Jaya offers free entry to restrooms for customers, very cheap parking ( RM$1 per entry, and 1st hour free somemore), I would never want to go there again.. super deserted, quiet, nothing much to shop, nothing much to eat.. I still prefer City Square ... much more convenient with nicer food...

Think without my GPS, I confirmed lost in the ghost town, cannot get back to Singapore.. Even my mother felt uneasy when she was there... ( the whole big car park like only got 1 Singapore car, which was ours!) So scary! Its my fault for not searching under Tebrau City Jusco so ended up in Permas Jaya Jusco, because I thought there was only one Jusco in JB.. but I was so wrong, there was 4 Jusco in JB.. and my GPS just took me to the nearest one.. (and the most deserted one!)

Anyone know how to go to Tebrau City Jusco? If I am outside Pelangi Plaza, which lane should I stick to ,so that I can drive smoothly and easily to Tebrau City, without losing my way?? ( I saw there are 3 lanes towards Tebrau City direction though)


Fi Oh Na! said...

Hi Sharon,

Terbau City Jusco is all the way straight after you clear Customs. You know how to get to Taman Sentosa area? It's about 15mins drive straight down from there. You'll see Pandan City on your left, The Store on your right, then Macs on your left. Go up the expressway & exit left when you see Jusco which is also beside Tesco.

Hope this helps! :)

Sharon said...

Hi Fi Oh Na!

Thank you for helping me how to get there, so helpful of you ... Yes I know how to get to taman sentosa after coming out from JB customs.. There are 3 lanes outside going towards tebrau city direction.. N you mentioned to go up the expressway, does it keep I keep in the middle lane, n keep straight then tebrau city jusco on my left?

Thanks so so much for your help!


Fi Oh Na! said...

When u go up the expressway,keep in either the middle or left lane. From there, Jusco can be seen already. U shd see signs like Sultan Hospital or Mueseum Layang Layang to make sure ur on the right track.

Most welcome! :)

Sharon said...

Hi Fi Oh Na!

Thank you so much for your super fast reply n help!

I think I saw an expressway going up the other day, just that I happily follow my gps n made a left turn into ulu Jalan batu (something like that) n ended up in at the wrong jusco..

Will keep in mind what you told me, the things to look out for... Haha if you see me do up a post on jusco tebrau city, I have made it with your help....

Thanks a million for your helpful info. Appreciate your help!