Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Clash Of The Titans

I was a bit disappointed watching Clash Of The Titans.. The storyline is a bit like Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief...involving the gods like Zeus, Hades, Perseus, Medusa..just that this story Perseus went in search of Medusa instead of the lightning bolt.. ( Why all the demons can only be killed by looking at Medusa's eyes, and the hero always need to chop off the head of Medusa, through the reflection of shiny surface, in order to kill the demons?) Of course, in the end, the demons turned into stones ! They are really quite similar in term of the plot and the characters involved in the stories.

Overall still not too bad, I did not fall asleep although the beginning was quite boring...

It should be a blockbuster but it did not wow me.. maybe because I had watched Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief before, so do not find it that interesting...Will give it a 6 out of 10. 


Scope said...

That's because the old story all along has been like this...

The myth is the same, and this movie is like a remake of the old 'Clash of the Titans'.

Just like Journey to the West, the Monkey God didn't report to Jesus and won't report to Saddame if there were to be future stories. LOL~

Sharon said...

Hi Scope,

Thanks for dropping by my blog..

Oh I see..No wonder both the story lines are pretty the same cause of the old story has been like this...

I really did not know about it until you mention the Monkey God part.. I just thought there should be some creativity instead of getting ideas from another film..

But now I finally know why they are both so similar!

Thanks Scope for enlightening me!