Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two Chefs Eating Place At Blk 116 Commonwealth Drive

To celebrate Ashley's birthday, we went to Blk 116 Commonwealth Drive to have Zhi Char on a Saturday.. It was my first visit to this Zhi Char place called Two Chefs Eating place, located in a coffeeshop..I remember this place was featured in Channel 8 Sizzling Woks (煮炒来咯) show. 

The place was quite packed and there were also many people queuing up... Luckily Mike called in for reservation so we do not have to wait quite long.. Although there were many customers, food were served very fast, the staff started to serve us the dishes around 10 minutes later. I guess all the customers ordered more or less the same dishes, so the chefs cook in bulk, or that they have many many chefs in their kitchen ...

The popular dish is the butter pork ( which was also featured in the Sizzling Woks) but it failed to impress some of us.. but Mike and Yuhui like the dish alot, they came here a few times already... We find it quite sweet to our tasting.... the white milky stuff is like milk powder.. ( I dont really fancy this dish, maybe the normal pork ribs will be better) 

We had baked salted prawns which tasted like chilli tapioca chips. ( Imagine eating prawns coated with a gravy that tastes like chilli tapioca chips!) I also dont find it nice, think it will be better if we order deep fried oat prawns. We even asked the staff if they had served us the wrong dish, how can baked salted prawns taste like that?? The you tiao also so so, just that they scattered some pork floss on top of the you tiao before serving to us..

Heard that the cold cockles are very popular..It is served cold,as the chefs already seasoned the cockles in some special sauces and garlic, to neutralise the bloody taste and add some exciting flavors to the cockles.. I prefer my cockles to be well-cooked, I tried one piece but do not really like..Yuhui ate the whole plate by herself since the rest of us do not take cockles.. she was very happy and kept raving about how nice the cockles tasted, even if its 2 plates, she also can polish off... (LOL) Maybe if you are a cockles-lover, you will appreciate the dish!

Out of the 7 dishes we ordered, what I like most is the curry fish head, sourness and spicyness just nice...we even ordered 10 man tous to eat with the gravy.. The aunt served us the wrong tofu dish, but we just accepted it...

There is really nothing special about this popular Zhi Char stall, except that the prices are reasonable.. The 6 of us paid $80 for the above 7 dishes,10 man tous and 6 bowls of rice. I will not travel all the way down to Commonwealth to eat at this zhi char stall. Nothing really wow me, or made me want to eat again..

By the way, the hawker centre besides Blk 116 serves very nice desserts like the traditional green bean soup with coconut and sago pearls, and cheng teng..but its like open in the mornings/early afternoons only.

Here is part of the menu, can see that the prices are quite cheap..

Two Chefs Eating Place is located:

Blk 116
Commonwealth Drive
Tel: 64725361


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