Monday, April 12, 2010

Jusco Tebrau City Found!

Yes, I finally found my way to Jusco Tebrau City .. Think this is the furthest place I had drove to, from Hougang. (Special thanks to one of my dear readers, Fi Oh Na!, for giving me useful direction guides in reaching the place.. Yes, after making a right turn after the Shell petrol station, I told myself to go straight.. and if I see Layang Layang Museum and Sultan Ismail Hospital, I was on the right track).. Yipee... I did saw the sign board before I drove up the expressway.. well, it was really pretty far from Customs.. around 20 minute drive, since there was heavy traffic.. 

Well, its my 2nd time going to Jusco Tebrau City, but my first ever self-driven trip all the way in, so there is a sense of satisfaction for a ka-you driver like me, at least I did not end up in the Ghost Town Jusco..

Spotted Lavender! and this one got an open concept kitchen in which the pastry chefs make and bake freshly bread/pastries . We dine in at the cafe, my very first time dining at a Lavender Cafe... At first, I thought the cafe only sell drinks.. but I was so wrong.. they also serve light snacks, and as well as a variety of main dishes,like rice, noodles, pasta, etc..

The Manhattan Fish Market also quite cheap, during weekdays...

Tiramisu ( 2 for RM9.90)
Cappuccino ( RM0.95)
Latte ( RM0.95)
Mediterranean baked fish with garlic rice (RM13.90) this dish is nice and healthy, as compared to fish & chips. 

Total bill: RM29.55 ( around SG$13, pretty cheap.. and I think this is my first time drinking such cheap latte and Cappuccino, only SG$0.50 each)

In order to enjoy the super cheap coffee, need to order at least a buy 1 free 1 item, or a main course.. but I was surprised that for RM0.95, its applicable to a selection of coffee/tea - black coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, english breakfast tea and earl grey tea. The above offer only valid in West Malaysia from 3-6pm, excluding weekends and public holidays. However, they do have lunch specials during weekdays also..

Actually there are not much things at Tebrau City, but it has got a big supermarket..but there are M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, Lancome, The Manhattan Fish Market, Harris Bookstore, MNG, G2000, Esprit, Summit, Voir, Crocs, a cinema and a few other restaurants ..Parking is super cheap though.. RM$1 per entry, and 1st hour is free. All the clean restrooms are free entry too...

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