Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dejavu Most Va-Va-Voom Eyelashes Bloggers Workshop

 10th April 2010...... What did I do on this day?


I attended Dejavu Most Va-Va-Voom Eyelashes Bloggers Workshop at TCC @ Raffles Link.. I was very lucky to be selected as 1 of the 20 bloggers to try & test the latest Dejavu Mascara before they are official launched..

We were all given a brand new set of Dejavu products to use on the spot.. Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara, Dejavu Lash Knockout Mascara and Dejavu Lasting-fine eyeliner.

After a short introduction of Dejavu latest mascaras and eyeliner, there was a product demonstration to show us the before and after affect of the mascaras and eyeliner.. 

More Product Info:

Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara ($25)

  • Enhanced adhesive strength enables the fiber-rich film to adhere even to the tips of your lashes for impressive length.
  • The unique newly developed Extra Long applicator paint contacts your lashes from their base, allowing the fiber-rich film to be generously applied to each lash for the ultimate long and clearly defined lashes. 
  • No more "Panda Eyes" as the formula forms a film that resists oil and perspiration, preventing smudging around your eyes for a beautiful appearance all day long. 
  • washes off easily with just warm water. 

The difference between the 1st version Fiberwig vs the latest Fiberwig Extra Long: 

Dejavu Knockout Mascara ($25)

  • The formula contains approximately 2.4 times more film-forming wax, greatly increasing adhesiveness.
  • The thick, deep black film encapsulates each lash, increasing lash volume to the very tips with no gaps. 
  • Grooves in the brush catch the formula and apply a generous amount, flaring the lashes outward in a wide fan shape while keeping each lash completely separated. It gives your lashes a gorgeous, voluminous look with no clumping.
  • No more "Panda Eyes" as the formula forms a film that resists oil and perspiration, preventing smudging around your eyes for a beautiful appearance all day long.
  • Washes off easily with just warm water.

Unique Newly Developed Volume Styling Brush Applicator for Dejavu Knockout Mascara

Dejavu Lasting Fine Eye Liner ($19)

  • A silicone fixative provided super holding power.
  • It resists oil, sweat and tears for a long-wearing, rub-proof finish. 
  • The deep black formula gives eyes a stunning impact with bold high definition, yet easily removed with regular cleanser. 
  • Twist-up ensures fine, precise lines at all times without sharpening.

Why is it called Lasting Fine? ( Because it really last! In fact, its rub-resistant!) 

Trying them on....

Personal Comments: 

Out of the 3 Dejavu products that I tested, I like Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara the most, think because I am used to Dejavu Fiberwig 1st version since I am using now.. The newly curved brush applicator makes applicator easier too... There is one thing I like about Dejavu mascaras is they really do not smudge our eyes, no more panda eyes effect.. thanks to the special formula that forms a smooth film coating on my lashes, that resists rubbing and skin oil all day long. Oppss, all along I using my Dejavu Fiberwig, I did not know that the mascara can be removed using warm water, until I attended the workshop.. Yes, one plus point about Dejavu mascaras is its easily removable using warm water, the cheapest  and most natural eye makeup remover one can  ever find!!! ('',)

As for Dejavu Lasting Fine Eye Liner, I like that it is rub resistant.. However, I find it a bit difficult to draw on my own eyes ... I guess its my awful skill + my eyelids are too dry. that I encountered such problem..because other bloggers easily drew very nice, smooth yet defined lines that instantly brightened their eyes..

These 3 products will be available at Guardian, John Little, Sasa & Watsons from 21st May 2010..

But the good news is you can pre-order for Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long (Black) and Dejavu Knockout (Dynamite Black) and get them before they are official launched.. In additional, there will be free exclusive  pink bling bling HP chain if you buy your Dejavu mascara(s) from fr3b pre-order sale.

One more good news.. There are 10 sets of Dejavu Mascaras to be won if you vote for The Most Va-Va-Voom Eyelashes Contest, organised by Dejavu and Fr3b. 

( Yes,I know its another voting contest :(  .. but if you all don't mind, you can help vote for me again.. this is my before and after picture... look for " Sharron" ....I know its impossible to win, but if  you all help me to win the 1st prize, I will be more than happy to sponsor 11 months of Dejavu products worth $450 to my dear readers, and just keep 1 month supply for my own backup.. haha.. I know its impossible lah) 

Here is the link for you to vote for me, and stand a chance to win Dejavu mascaras... 

Happy Voting & Winning  ---->    http://fr3b.com/dejavu_blogger_contest/contest.php

The contest will start from 17th April to 17th May 2010..

Good Luck to all !! ('',)

P.S:  Thank you Dejavu and fr3b for selecting me to Dejavu Most Va-Va Eyelashes Bloggers Workshop, and giving us the privilege to try and bring home the latest mascaras before they are official launched. Thanks a million for the invitation and treat! ('',)


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