Tuesday, April 20, 2010

M.A.C Private Sale 16th April 2010

The ticket to M.A.C Private Sale..

Christine and me reached at around 8am, and we were maybe the 19th and 20th in the Q.. By 8.50am, the Q was pretty long~ haha, the 18th person in the Q was Valerie and she recognised me even though we went clubbing just once like 1 year ago.. Thanks for chatting with me, babe! 

The situation inside the room was quite chaotic! ( It was quite difficult to squeeze to the edge of the tables.. packed like sardine in a can!) .. This picture was taken at the Origins section which was pretty empty, with ample stocks..

My main purpose was actually to grab full size brushes... too bad, there were only travel size brush sets which did not appeal to me.. Only 2 travel size brush sets were available - The face and the eyes, selling at $50 each.. I did not like the packaging though, the pouch looked something like pencil case.. :(

I was attracted to the eye shadow palettes though, there were 4 sets in different color tones.. I got a hard time choosing between Devil May Dare Warm Eye Shadows palette and Smoke & Mirrors Eye Shadows..my 1st choice was Devil May Dare, but Lynn was telling me Smoke & Mirrors colors are all nice, easier to match and wearable colors, and I think so too...  ( so Christine told me to buy both and if I regretted buying Smoke & Mirrors, she will buy from me so that she will have one happy family collection.)

Think I am the only person who walked out off the sale with only 4 items. *Hides* Cause the rest of the people were all hauling in bulk, and filling up their carriers to the brim...

What I like about Devil May Dare are the bottom 3 colors, on the other hand, Smoke & Mirrors eye shadows palette look really wearable colors.. If you were me, which one of these 2 palettes will you choose?

P.S: Many many thanks to Eileen & Christine for the precious ticket! ('',) and special thanks to Christine and Lynn for accompanying me to/in the sale and for breakfast! ('',) 

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