Monday, April 5, 2010

Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe

All along I know there are a few Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore.. but this is my first time seeing Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe... ( When I was walking from Marina Square to City Hall Mrt via the City Link, I saw this cafe, I was thinking how come Marina Square got one, and here also got one when its just like less than 100 metres apart) .. but when I take a careful look at the shop front, I find it very cute with so many cute cartoon characters... ( Ok, maybe I am mountain tortoise, but I never know Xin Wang ventures into Taiwanese food too)

The interiors of the shop is quite cute isn't ?

The front of the menu...

One of the pages inside the menu.. It reminds me of the autograph book I had during my Secondary school days.. Well, the prices of the snacks and drinks are pretty affordable, think cheaper than Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.

We had ice pearl red tea, the red tea is quite nice.. but for $2.80 (before service charge and GST), I think I will be happier to see more pearls.. the pearls really little, even lesser than what Sweet Talk offers.

This is stir-fried bee hoon with Braised Pork.. One look at it, it look quite plain and tasteless right? But it is quite tasty! It is served with some salted vegetables and braised minced pork at the side.. As I am not a fan of fats, I picked out only the meats to eat... quite nice ..if it was breast meat braised pork, think it will really be yummy!! By the way, this dish cost $4, and they also sell plain bee hoon with salted vegetables at $3.

We also ordered fish cutlet with rice set.. When I saw the waitress serving up this dish, I was surprised to see the size of the plate.. It is almost as long as the width of the table.. The plate is around 45-50cm ! So the fish cutlet that you see in the picture is really huge, around 1.5 times the size of my hand.. and it is served pipping hot! .. What I like about the dish is the plain rice that is served... it reminds me of the rice I had when I was in Taiwan... ( not our normal plain rice) It is something like Japanese rice.... I still remember last time I lugged 1kg of Taiwanese rice grains back to Singapore..LOL! 

Actually the meaning of set, is including a bowl of soup and some pickles.. ( no drink included though).. I do not like the soup, because it tasted like sesame oil, maybe they put too much of it into the soup... 

I was asking the staff if this dish is sold ala carte, but she said no.. but for $8.80, this dish is quite worth it..(but not the soup)

I had a chat with the staff and realised that there are 2 Xin Wang Taiwan Cafes in Singapore currently, and there will be another one opening in Orchard very soon... 

Verdict: The food is not too bad, and the shop deco is really cute... prices are also reasonable..quite a nice place for chit chatting over bubble tea and some favorite Taiwanese snacks such as Salted Crispy Chicken Bites and Sesame Oil Chicken Mee Sua Soup.

No credit card discounts, but one can apply for their membership card to get 10% off and some other members' benefits. 

Locations of Xin Wang Taiwan Cafes: 
CityLink Mall
Raffles Link, # B1-23
CityLink Mall
Singapore 039393
Tel: +65-6341 9542

Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday – 11am to 10pm
Friday, Saturday, Eve of PH & PH
– 11am to 10.30pm
Sunday – 11am to 10pm

Bukit Panjang Plaza
1 Jelebu Road
Singapore 677743
Tel: +65-6892 6953

Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday – 11am to 10.15pm
Friday, Saturday & Eve of PH – 11am to 10.30pm
Sunday & PH – 10.30am to 10.15pm

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