Thursday, May 20, 2010

My biggest Surprize for 2010 ....

^This is my biggest surprize for 2010 although I came in 3rd.. a super duper generous gift sponsored by Kiehl's Since 1851 for " The Most Beautiful Eyes" Contest Organised by Kiehl's and Cozycot.

A $1,000 gift voucher to shop at Kiehl's ... YES,basically Kiehl's is like giving me $1,000 hard cash to go to its boutique and pick up any products that I can see there, except the Harvey Davidson, Mr Bone and store displays ..LOL ('',)

The best part, I do not have to use up the whole $1,000 at one shot...

Here are some of the products that I picked on my 1st trip:

What I got during my 2nd (also final) trip:

Wowoo.. A total of 20 full size products! In here, I found my Holy Grail products.. will reveal what they are soon....

A big thank you to Kiehl's and Cozycot for organizing this "Most Beautiful Eyes" Contest. Special thanks to Kiehl's for the generous sponsors of prizes for this contest. And many many thanks to all my supportive friends, readers and lovely/handsome cotters for all your votes! Love you all!


July said...

$1000 vouchers??!!!! u're so lucky!!!

Sharon said...

Hi July,

It's a letter actually, not vouchers ..the letter stated that I got 1k prize so I just bring the letter to the shop to redeem the products..Within 4 trips.

Ya.. I m very very lucky to get 3rd.. :)

Thanks for all your votes!

Fi Oh Na! said...

Wow! So blessed! Glad ur enjoying your prize! So u must have beautiful eyes eh? Have a blast picking up all the free goodies! *envy*

Sharon said...

Hi Fiona

haha.. my eyes are just ordinary looking pair (with hidden eyelids..LOL).. its a voting I have to thank all who voted for me, to allow me to make it to the top 3..

Me still considering what products to get, since I got to redeem the products by end of this month..

Will fully utilised the prize!