Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eye Rockz Mineral Eyeshadows

Just a couple of days ago, I received a mail from Vaun of Eye Rockz ... ('',)  

^ EyeRockz ??? What is it?? ( Hint: Something that will add beautiful shimmering colors to our eyes!)


^ The 3 mineral eyeshadows were neatly packed in 5gram containers and presented in a lovely mini pouch. Each container was also clearly labelled with the name of the eye shadow and the brand name - EYE ROCKZ... and ya, the name of the eyeshadows are all very interesting and catchy.. and I have got Sunshine, Rock Star and Sweet Lilac

 ^ No need to worry that the eyeshadow will spill because each container is sealed with tape..

Let me reveal the beautiful Eye Rockz eye shadow colors....
Here are the swatches...  
I find them so pretty, especially Sunshine and Sweet Lilac ... There is shimmers yet not super shimmery types, definitely wont make me look like a disco ball...

And I tried playing with them on my eyes.... ( I did not use any eye base prior to applying the eye shadow, but the colors still show up although its powder form)

Just using a single color in Sunshine..

^ haha, me just playing with my fake lashes, anyway, here is how Sunshine will look... its a mix between pink and peach.. At first I thought it is a super bright color when I opened up the container..but when I apply on my eyelids, the color seem pretty, subtle pinky peach that can instantly brighten eyes ... A good alternative to my usual brown tones....

And trying on Rock Star ...

^ Rock Star belongs to the purple family under Eye Rockz's color categories.. When I first swatched it, I find that it somehow looks like a mixture of metallic blue + purple.. I find Rock Star totally different color and feel from Sunshine when applied onto my eye lids... Sunshine is more for day look whereas Rock Star more suitable for party/night look... Personally I feel its a good choice for a smokey eyes look, when blend in with a darker shade of say dark grey, black or darker purple.. 

and finally presenting Sweet Lilac..

This is my eye makeup on 10 June 2010 before I went out for my date (LOL).. I applied Sweet Lilac all over my eye lids, and blend in with Rock Star at the outer corner.. and used a beige colored eyeshadow as highight, just below the brows..

It is mentioned on Eye Rockz website that each and every single eyeshadow from Eye Rockz is handmade and all natual with no traces of harmful ingredient. All ingredients used are FDA approved for eyes, lips, face and nails.

......So I tried Sunshine, as a blusher, on my cheeks and it works without giving me any breakouts!

 ^ Here is me.. wearing Sweet Lilac and Rock Star on eyes, and Sunshine on cheeks...

What I personally like about Eye Rockz shadows

+ Very affordable [Sample baggy costs SG$2 (US$1.50) and a full size jar cost SG$6.50(US$4.60)]
+ No preservatives
+ No harmful ingredients
+ Suitable for sensitive skins
+ FDA approved for eyes, lips, face and nails.. ( So versatile!)
+ Available in more than 50 shades.
+ Nice shimmers yet wont turn me into disco balls.
+ Nice and pretty colors with interesting color names.
+ Colors show up even without applying an eye primer.
+ No expiry date for these eyeshadows if kept free from contamination (Avoid dipping used makeup brushes into the jar of mineral eye shadow.)


+ Great customer service by Vaun
+ Items received in excellent condition; Each container is sealed with tape to prevent spillage.

- It can be a bit messy since it is in powder form.. but just have to be careful...

For more information, do visit Eye Rockz Website to find out more.
Eyerockz website  --   http://eyerockz.webs.com

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Enjoy a 10% discount when you use this promo code "SHARONROCKZ10"
( promotion applicable for a minimum purchase of SG$8 for local customers, and SG$15 for international customers)

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Special thanks to Vaun for sponsoring these lovely handmade and natural Eye Rockz eye shadows for me to play with.... ('',)


dblchin said...

awww... the colours are awesome! U look v pretty with the peachy one!

aboutfreestuffs said...

Yes, I love the quality of EyeRockz eyeshadow and the colours they have are very gorgeous too. I've tried Fruity, Scream, Frosty Lilac and Bricky. The colours you've gotten are pretty too! :))

Sharon said...

Thanks Clara .. It's my first time putting on a peachy eyeshadow ... (",)

citrella said...

nice colours. I like the lilac one :) Will check them out. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...


The Sweet Lilac is pretty .. maybe after attending Majolica Majorca, I am liking purple.. haha.. the price of Eye Rockz eyeshadows quite reasonable..last time I also bought MAC pigments off yahoo auctions, cost like $3-4 for 1/2 teaspoon...

Think now buy a sample, also got free sample..