Wednesday, June 16, 2010

L'Oreal Sale At Concorde Hotel 16 June 2010

I went to the L'Oreal sale held at Concorde Hotel in the afternoon... Think normally L'Oreal will hold their warehouse sale at Singapore Expo Foyer, but this time round it was held at one of the function rooms at Concorde Hotel which is located along Orchard Road. *Very convenient*

Although there were many customers, it was a breeze to walk around the sale area.. as in no need to push and squeeze, everyone was browsing the products in comfort, at their own time with ample walking space in the air-conditioned room.. Items wise were pretty much the same as the previous warehouse sale, just that here everything seem much organised, items and prices were displayed clearly.

All the skincare and haircare products are cheap..

  • Cosmetics 4 for $20, also got foundation but like limited colors
  • Maybelline highly raved gel liner for only $10,
  • Maybelline mascaras at 2 for $15 or $10 each, depending on the range. (saw the yellow one, should be magnum)
  • L'Oreal Hot Straight Thermo-Straightening Spray $3 per bottle (one of my favourite straightening heat protectants)
  • L'Oreal Anti Frizz Shampoo and Re-Nutrition conditioner $8
  • L'Oreal Some shampoo and conditoner (smaller bottles) - 3 for $10
  • L'Oreal men range eye cream and moisturiser $10 each
  • Vichy products left only a few products..
 and many more products but I could not remember all the products that I have seen and their prices.

I only spend around 10 minute inside the room, and bought only 2 tubs of L'Oreal hair mask at $5 per tub. ( The masks pretty new stocks, manufactured in Jan 2010) Another L'Oreal mask is the red tube for colored hair.

^ The cashier also gave customers free 3 sachets (15ml each) of the Elseve Re-Nutrition Replenshing mask with Royal Jelly, for purchase above $10.

So far, I never see  L'Oreal Professional Hair Spa 500ml (Green Tub) and L'Oreal Dual Eye makeup remover at their sale before...

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