Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: Averine Cover Spot


Picture Credit: Averine Singapore

Description: Averine Cover Spot is a concealer and acne treatment in one.

  • Salicylic Acid - an anti-septic to keep pores clean
  • Vitamin E - an anti-inflammatory agent that soothes and calms inflamed lesion and helps in wound healing.
  • Zinc Gluconate- fast healing and regulation of oil secretion.
Price: $32.70/ 4.2g

Shades Available: 2 shades. Light and Medium.

Places that carry Averine products in Singapore : Averine is only available at its authorised distributors at beauty salons/skin centres and Leonard Drake.

My thoughts after using it for almost 2 years:

This is my very first time going to use up a concealer... Think it will be completely finished after a few more applications.

At first glance, you may think it is a lipstick but its a not. I bought this product during Cozycot very first Holy Grail Party in 2008.. and it lasted me almost 2 years, used it pretty frequent whenever I did my makeup. 

Its actually a concealer with some acne healing properties .. I never used it under my undereye areas as it is NOT meant for the purpose, it contains Salicylic Acid and Zinc Gluconate which will be drying for our skin or even swell up our eyes.

When I bought it at the Holy Grail Party, Averine Singapore trainer was present and she recommended me the Light Shade. This concealer is only available in 2 shades... but the shade Light is not exactly very light , should be suitable for skin tone which is close to NC30 skin tone.

Here is the swatch:

It may look abit dark ( with obvious yellow undertone), it does blend into my skin although it may be a bit darker if I were to apply on my bare skin.  Got to blend in well. Texture is pretty creamy and soft.

Before and after applying Averine Cover Spot concealer on my bare skin ..It did help to conceal my horrible red pimple and reduce the redness by 90% (Although not 100% full coverage,at least not so red after application)

It has become my staple in my makeup regime, (to hide those ugly acne marks and active pimples/blemishes). And I had asked my friend to order a new tube for me.. I think I like the fact that it can conceal and treat acnes/pimples at the same time. If only there is a shade lighter than Light, it will be perfect!

I read that The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer also like not bad but one of my best friends was telling me it might me too dry.. Any good acne concealer around that you have tried yet contains healing ingredients?

* P.S: Kimberly, I remember your recommendation on Everyday Minerals Multi-tasking concealer.

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