Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: Huiji Fruity Lite

Bought another 2 boxes of Huiji Fruity Lite drink 2 days ago.. A cheaper alternative to Avalon Probiotic Detox for me.

If you have constipation problems like me, you may give Huiji Fruity Lite drink a try.. I am one such person that I visit the toilet once a week type ( can imagine how bad my constipation has been all these years) .. so I had to find some help..

I had tried those herbal tea like bioslim etc ( yellow/orange box) but although it helped, it gave me super bad diarrhoea the very next morning, that I got to rush to the toilet early in the morning out of my sleep.. ( Yes, its that powerful but painful x100!)

These days, I am taking Avalon Probiotic Detox (which helps in my breakouts) and Huiji Fruity Lite, at least it helps me to relieve in a more natural way, without the pain the next day.

Ingredients in Huiji Fruity Lite:

Directions ( as per indicated on box): 1-2 sachets 2-3 times a day. Mix well with water.

For me, I only drink 1 sachet a day and I drink it hot. Just pour the powder into a cup and mix with hot water. If you prefer it cold, can add cold water or ice to chill the drink. Taste wise is acceptable to me, something like a fruit tea.

Normal Pack ( 15g x 12 sachets): $6.90
Trial Pack ( 15g x 4 sachets): $1.95 from Watsons
Promotion Pack as seen above ( 12 + 4 sachets) : $6.90 from Supermarkets, Watsons, John Little etc

Heard consuming Chinese herbs also can help in constipation, but not sure what are they? Anyone of you knows or what method(s) you tried before which helps in your constipation?

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