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Review: Clarins Skintime 30 (The Power To Try Is In Your Hands)

After the preview of the Special 3 Hour-Triple Reward Hot Deal event and a nice lunch@ Island Cafe, each of us got the chance to try out Clarins Skintime 30, in this Clarins Showcase Booth which is located outside Tangs Orchard. ( The booth will be there until 31 October 2010)

^ Did you spot any familiar bloggers in these pictures?

Clarins Skintime session  is a complimentary 1-to-1 personalised skincare consultation service available at all Clarins counters for customers who are interested to try out and know more about the types of Clarins products suitable for their skin concerns/types.

One can choose between:
  • Clarins Skintime 15 session (a 15-minute session in which a trained beauty specialist will try the products on your hand and forearm)
  • Clarins Skintime 30 session (a 30-minute session in which a trained beauty specialist will try the products on your whole face, follow by guiding you through proper steps of product application including Clarins' auto lifting method when using the latest Shaping Facial Lift)

2 months back, I had tried out Clarins Skintime 15 when I attended Clarins' first blogger I was pretty excited to experience Clarins Skintime 30 and see what were the differences..

Let me share with you my personal experience on Clarins Skintime 30..

By the way, I have normal/combination (abit sensitive) skin, open pores,  dark circles and fine lines on eye areas.


Products used in above steps:

Next Debbie used Toning Lotion (Alcohol-free with camomile) to remove my mask. However, it is perfectly fine to use water to clean off the mask if we are at home.

After toning our cleansed face, the next step is the application of the latest Clarins Shaping Facial Lift using Clarins' auto lifting method.. (All the steps after cleansing the face mask with the toning lotion, will be hands-on time...meaning the beauty specialist will be guiding me while I do the steps by myself on my own face)

Start by warming 4 pumps of Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain serum on my palms and then go through the above steps.

Actually in the manual, there are a few more steps concentrating on the neck and collarbone areas to drain away the toxins. Debbie taught me a simplified version instead -> that is to use my palms to glide down from below my jawline down to neck and finish at collar bone areas.

Next I proceeded to apply the following products (in order shown in picture after Shaping Facial Lift):

Defining eye lift, pore minimizing serum, Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream-Gel, UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40 PA+++ .. To apply all these products, I was taught that I needed to warm each product on my palms/fingers to activate the ingredients, as well as to warm up the product as our skin absorbs the product better if the product has the same temperature as our own body temperature.

When applying eye cream/gel, after warming up the product, I was taught to use 3 fingers (pointers, middle finger and ring finger) on both hands to press gently across my eye areas from inner to outer sides of my eyes.

As for the face products, it is advisable to pat the products onto skin, rather than massaging in the products. It is said that products will be better absorbed into our skin if we were to pat them on our skin. (This action helps to push the goodies into our skin)

The end result after my Clarins Skintime 30 session:

A brighter and moisturised face after Skintime 30! Overall, I think Clarins Skintime 30 is something like doing a mini facial.

Oh well, having done both Skintime 15 and Skintime 30 sessions, I think they are quite different depending on your personal preferences, amount of time you can spare, and whether you are comfortable to bare your own skin. (of course, you can request for a quick touch-up at the counter, or bring along your own makeup pouch if having makeup on is a must for you)

Skintime 15 session:
  • done solely on my hand/forearm
  • the beauty specialist performed the whole procedure for me.
  • Compared the before and after difference on both my hands/forearms (since the beauty specialist will be doing on one of them)
Skintime 30 session:
  • my makeup was removed as the products were applied on my whole face
  • the beauty specialist removed my eye/face makeup, exfoliated my skin, applied a face mask on my whole face, followed by removing the mask using a toner.
  • the beauty specialist guided me through the proper steps to apply Clarins products using the Clarins's application methods like the auto-lifting method, and warming of products before patting on the products onto my skin. ( At least if I am doing the right thing on the while)
  • Visible results seen on my face after the whole procedure.

If you have the time to spare, I would suggest you to try out Clarins Skintime 30, at least you will know how the products actually work for your face, and you can be sure you are doing the correct application methods when the beauty specialist guides you through the process. Feel free to ask her questions, if you are unsure about your skincare regime or anything related to beauty.

If you and your friends are interested to try out Clarins products, simply reserve your preferred Skin Time session now...Here is the link to the registeration form.

Did I mention that the beauty specialist will provide you a set of customized skincare samples suitable for your skin type/concerns after your skintime session, for you to bring home to try?

The power to try is in your hands: Give Clarins 30 minutes, and they will make you look more beautiful.

To find out more about skintime:

Alternatively, there is also a skintime tab on Clarins Facebook Fanpage:

*Special thanks to Jasmine for inviting us to experience Clarins Skintime 30.

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