Saturday, January 22, 2011

Freshlook Effortless Beauty Calender Is Up

Sometime in November last year, I went for a Freshlook Illuminate Eye For Beauty makeover that would be featured on Freshlook Illuminate Digital calender,.. and I just found out that the beauty calender is up on Freshlook Illuminate Effortless Beauty website.

Saw myself in the month of Nov.. (Can recognise me?)

--- Look like me? This is me! (Super chubby and fat cheeks I have, I seriously need to eat much lesser!)

Think they put the pictures randomly because Nov 23 is not my birthday ....

So who are the rest of the 365 selected ladies featured on the calender?. check out the Freshlook Digital Calender. (I saw Verlyn and Clara! can you spot your friends in there?)

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