Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Day AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Challenge

The yummy taste of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto still linger in my mind so I was thrilled when I received 2 more boxes of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto at my doorstep, to kickstart a 10 day challenge.

So what is the challenge about?
  • Replace my heaviest meal with 1 pack of risotto, for 10 days in a row
  • Eat as per normal during my other meals.
  • Post my "before" and "after" weight before/after the challenge.
Easy right? That is why I gladly accepted the challenge especially after all my Chinese New Year goodies indulges.. But most importantly I can get to savor all the yummy-licious risotto flavours all over again ('',) and at the same time I am also very interested to see the effectiveness of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto - how much weight I can lose (hopefully not gain) just by replacing my heaviest meal with 1 pack of risotto for 10 consecutive days, without going through the hassle of coming out with a diet and exercise plan..

I will be starting my challenge today..

and here is my "before" weight (Yes I am that fat!~hides~)

Ok.. I will weigh myself again at the end of the 10 day challenge.. and we shall see if AFC Chef's Diet Risotto works!

For more product information, check out AFC webpage now. You can also read up my reviews on AFC Chef's Diet Risotto here.

By the way, AFC Chef's Diet Risotto is having a promotion on AFC webpage,  a box consisting of 5 yummy flavours is going at $30.28(excluding GST), its usual price is $36. This offer is only for a limited period so if you are interested to try out, now it is the best time to grab a box from AFC online store.

(*this product is currently available from AFC webpage only and shipping charge is waived for purchases above $120)

Tomato with Basil, Cream of Mushroom, Curry Stew, Assorted Cheese, Mediterranean Seafood Risotto.. here I come for you... ('',)

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