Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Have Completed My 10-Day AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Challenge

Remember my 10-day AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto Challenge which I posted some time back?

I had completed the challenge, without me realizing it until I took out the last pouch of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto Meal Replacement from the box. (That was fast, how time flies!)

A recap of my tasks in this AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto Challenge..

• Replace my heaviest meal with 1 pack of risotto, for 10 days in a row
• Eat as per normal during my other meals.
• Post my "before" and "after" weight before/after the challenge.

As my heaviest meal of the day is my dinner, I replaced my dinner with AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto Meal for 10 consecutive days beginning 11 February 2011.

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My “Before” Weight:

And after 10 days of indulging the delicious AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto during dinner time, here is ..

My “After” weight:

55.7kg – 54.6kg = 1.1kg

My weight loss in term of Body Mass Index (BMI):

Body Mass Index (BMI) Chart:

This means I had lost 1.1kg just by replacing my dinner with AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto. In term of BMI, I had reduced from BMI of 23.8 to 23.3, a reduction of 0.5 BMI, in just 10 days. If I had continued the AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto diet for a few more days, I am sure my BMI would have fallen under the healthy range, since I am just 0.3 BMI away from the healthy range. (Are you in the healthy BMI range? Check out your BMI on our Health Promotion Board website today.)

I did not even exercise during my challenge; neither do I require skipping other meals nor watching my diet. I just ate as per normal and replaced my dinner with AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto. Although it is not a drastic weight reduction, I am happy with the result that I got in just 10 days. In these 10 day period, I actually look forward to my dinner when I can savor delicious risotto in assorted flavors - Tomato with Basil, Cream of Mushroom, Curry Stew, Assorted Cheese, and Mediterranean Seafood.

Replacing a meal with a pack of AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto is easy and hassle free. No cooking required; no need to prepare any ingredient, simply place a pouch of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto in boiling water for 5 minutes and a nice risotto meal with real ingredients is all ready.

The best thing - each meal is less than 173 calories. AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto is a low-calorie meal replacement that is nutritious and delicious! I have got a friend who is very slim asking me where she can buy AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto because she said she likes risotto and sick of eating maggi mee everyday… so even if you are not trying to lose weight, you can also eat AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto, I can assure you that it will taste much better and more nutritious than instant noodles.


A box of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto (consists of 5 different flavors) cost $36.

For more product information, check out AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Webpage today. Currently, AFC Chef's Diet Risotto is on promotion on its online store, it is going at $30.28(excluding GST). *This promotion is valid for a limited period and AFC Chef's Diet Risotto is currently available on AFC's online store only.

Once again, Thank you AFC Japan for inviting me to participate in this 10-day AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto Challenge.

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