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New Product Launches: Elizabeth Arden Prevage White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector and Green Tea Camellia

Early this week, I attended Elizabeth Arden's new product launches with a group of ladies (Elizabeth Arden Staffs and beauty bloggers) at the cozy Cova Pasticceria - Confetteria @Paragon where Elizabeth Arden's Regional Training Manager (Ms Angline Lim-De Silva) presented to us on the latest additional of the Prevage range which is Prevage White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector as well as the limited edition new fragrance - Green Tea Camellia..

Let meet the latest member of the Prevage family.. Prevage White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector

Most Asians ladies (especially Japanese and Korean)  love to have fair skin and we adore whitening products, don't we? and that is the reason why it is known as Prevage Clarity Targeted Skin Tone Corrector (in US, Europe and the Middle-East)  but named as Prevage White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector here in Asia.. because the magic word "White" will appeal more to the Asians.. Think for me, I would prefer a clear complexion than a fair complexion..

So you want clear or fair complexion??

Why do you need to give up one for another when you can have the best of both worlds.. With Prevage White Skin Tone Corrector, we can now look forward to having a more even toned appearance and a healthy look that glows!

What is the special benefits of Prevage White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector?
New PREVAGE® White delivers Soy Ferulate-C. This powerful complex combines soy ferulate, known to help protect skin from environmental assaults that can lead to pigmentation irregularities. It also channels the proven whitening effects of Vitamin C, to help interrupt the melanin cycle and prevent the formation of skin discolorations.

It contains Idebenone, one of the most powerful antioxidants, to help prevent oxidation on the skin. It also helps to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, age spots as it improves the look of firmness and sun damage.

For best results, use Prevage White with Prevage Face Advanced Anti-Aging Serum, Tests show amplified effects on the overall appearance of skin. In additional, it is a must to use SPF protection to shield skin from the harmful UV rays.

We were each given a deluxe-size sample of Prevage White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector to bring home to try..

Prevage White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector smells like its siblings in the Prevage family. It is hard to describe the scent, but rest assured that it is something pleasant, unlike the strong scent of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. The texture is really creamy and lightweight that it just absorbed effortlessly when I massaged the product onto my skin. I can feel that my skin feel smoother after application. As I have only used the product for 3 days, it is still too early to see any obvious results except that my skin feel really smooth after each application and I did not experience any breakouts in the past 3 days of usage (touchwood!)

However, it is mentioned that women reported that their skin looked instantly radiant after using Prevage White. After just 2 weeks, the appearance of dark spots began to improve. After 8 weeks, dark spots and discolorations looked lighter and less noticeable.

And do you know that the regular use of both Prevage White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector and Prevage Face can help to improve the appearance of melasma?

Melasma is a skin disorder whereby dark, irregular patches occur, usually, on the cheeks, forehead, upper lip and the bridge of the nose. I heard that for patients with Melasma, doctors would recommend a more expensive course of treatments as IPL does not help in cases of Melasma.

So if you are suffering from Melasma, can give Prevage White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector and Prevage Face a try before you go knocking on the doctor's door.

Up next, we were presented with the Limited Edition Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Camellia which will be launching in April. (Yah, this month!)

Discover the world of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Camellia. Renowned for its rare beauty and revered for its use in the traditional tea ceremony, the Camellia brings an intriguing floral scent and exotic intrigue to the crisp freshness of the original Green Tea fragrance. Inspired by Ikebana, the ancient art of Japanese flower arrangement, this luxurious fragrance reveals the delicate grace of a single perfect blossom as it unfolds petal by petal.

Top Notes:
Sheer Bergamot, Yuzu, Sparkling Lemon, Green Tea Vapors, Ume Plum

Middle Notes:
Green Tea Leaves, Camellia Sasanqua, White Peony, Chinese Magnolia, Jasmine Petals, Mandarin Tree Blossom

Base Notes:
Angelica Musk, White Birch, Moss, Touches of Sweet Spices

More about Camellia Sasanqua -
The camellia flower has been used in Asia for centuries as an honorific centrepiece in tea ceremonies. Camellias were so prevalent that they were called the queen of tea ceremony flowers.

The Green Tea bottle is updated with a teal blue color that contrasts beautifully with the iconic green tea leaf. The box that houses the bottle looks pretty with a pair of pure white, richly embossed camellia blosoms outlined in silver, against a deep teal blue background.

My thoughts about Green Tea Camellia:
My first impression of the fragrance was it was refreshing and flowery with a hint of green tea scent. I wore the fragrance out the every next day and my boyfriend was asking why there was a nice scent.. (so the fragrance does smell nice to people around you.) The fragrance is quite lasting and strong that I can still smell it on me after a few hours. Know what, I prefer the scent on my cardigan even more the very next day.. The smell sort of dry down to a subtle yet feminine scent.

Pricings of Prevage and Green Tea products:
New Prevage White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector (30ml)                     $224.00
Prevage Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum (15ml)                                    $186.00
Prevage Eye Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturiser SPF15 (15ml)         $186.00
Prevage Face (50ml)                                                                               $331.00
Prevage Day (50ml)                                                                                 $239.00
Prevage Night (50ml)                                                                               $239.00
Prevage Body (200ml)                                                                             $241.00

Green Tea Camellia Eau Toilette Spray (50ml)                                         $59.00
Green Tea Camellia Eau Toilette Spray (100ml)                                       $83.00
Honey Drops Cream (250ml)                                                                    $34.00

Elizabeth Arden Counters in Singapore
  • Takashimaya (Tel: 67357605)
  • Robinsons Raffles City (Tel: 6336 1554)
  • Robinsons Centre Point (Tel: 6738 9389)
  • OG People’s Park (Tel: 6538 5970)
  • OG Albert Complex (Tel: 6334 3690)
  • Metro Paragon (Tel: 6737 1492

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Special thanks to Elizabeth Arden Singapore for the invitation to this lovely event.

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