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Ginvera Aqua Whitening Cream & Nude Cover BB Cream SPF30 PA++

Ginvera has just launched 2 new members to its Green Tea Family - New Aqua Whitening Cream & New Nude Cover Bb Cream SPF30 PA++ ... read on to find out more about the products and how you can redeem samples of these 2 products and try them out ..

Ginvera Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream (with oil control)

Ginvera Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream is enriched with Green Tea Essence, Thanaka Extracts and Biogel. It provides the benefits of skin whitening, UV protection, oil control, lightening of spots and acne scars and prevents the formation of pimples. Its deep moisturizing and oil control effects help to effectively hydrate and clarify the skin for a natural and radiant glow.

Key Ingredients and its benefits:

  • Green Tea Essence - Rich in anti-oxidants to protect skin cells against harmful free radicals and reduces photo-aging from UV rays.
  • Thanaka Extracts - Intensive whitening and moisturizing effects for more radiant glow. Helps to promote smooth skin by preventing the formation of pimples.
  • Biogel - Rich in various amino acids, proteins and trace mineral elements, which are essentially required for skin cell growth and whitening effects.

Full Ingredients List of Ginvera Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream:

Directions of use:
To apply after cleansing and toning.  Simply squeeze an adequate amount on your finger and smooth evenly on your entire face.  Suitable for daily use.

Price:  $16.90
Content: 40g
Initial thoughts:
The product is easily dispensed from the handy tube. The cream, which is suitable for normal/combination skin, is also easily absorbed into my skin when I applied it on my skin. I do like its light weight texture and that is non sticky.  It does smell like green tea though. I have been using this product in the past few days, and I am glad that I did not experience any breakouts and I do find that my forehead is less oily by mid-day (thanks to the oil control benefit!)  However, it is still too early for me to notice any lightening of my horrible acne marks at this point in time.

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover Bb Cream SPF 30 PA++

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ is enriched with premium Green Tea extracts, Ginseng, Chinese Angelica and Hyaluronic Acid. It can be used as a makeup base or foundation to give a more even tone complexion, as it provides moisture and protects skin against harmful UV rays at the same time.
Key ingredients and its benefits:
  • Green Tea Extract – Revitalizes skin and protect complexion against free radical damage and helps prevent the formation of dark spots.
  • Allantoin, Ginseng and Angelica – Encourage cell renewal and revitalize skin, resulting in visibly fairer and more radiant skin
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Provides all day hydration for soft and supple skin

Full Ingredients List for Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream SPF 30 PA++:

Directions of use:
To be used after daily skincare regime. Simply squeeze an adequate amount on your finger and tap gently on your skin for even coverage. Suitable for all skin types.
Price:  $16.90
Content: 25ml
Initial thoughts:
 “Oh gosh, this BB cream seems a bit too dark for my skin tone!” This was my first thought when I dispensed the product on my finger tip.

Then I applied the bb cream on my forearm and blended it well over a small area (as seen in the picture above) ..and it really looked much darker than my skin tone.  Next I proceeded to try it on my face, using just a very small amount of product (around 5-cent size) , on my entire face. And it works so much better! The BB cream will not appear too dark if I use the product sparingly. In fact, it blended well with my skin tone.
I do like the light and non greasy texture which provides a matt finish. As it is specially formulated with a nano fine texture, I find that application is a fuss-free process. Although it does not conceal all my imperfections (acne scar marks) fully, it does makes my skin tone more even especially after I applied some translucent loose powder over it. Scent wise, it smells pretty similar to the Aqua Whitening Cream – which is Green Tea!

One thing to note is that, the opening of the tube does get messy after the first use so you got to be careful when you squeeze the product out from the tube every time though.

See the before and after pictures:

Ginvera products are available at the following departmental stores and retailers:

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Thank you Ginvera Singapore and The Sample Store for letting me try out these two latest products from the Green Tea Whitening Range

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