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My Virgin Strawberry Brazilian Waxing At Strip - Ministry Of Waxing

10 May 2011 - A very special day to remember because I had my very first Brazilian Waxing. Actually when I received the invitation to try out STRIP's latest Strawberry Wax Virgin Brazilian Treatment, I hestiated for a few minutes because I was a little afraid of pain (Ooouch!) but I was intrigued by the Strawberry Wax that would be used during the treatment! Plus I read that STRIP's Strawberry Wax is developed specially for first time Brazilian virgins(like myself), so I decided to experience it! At least at the end of the day, I can say I tried Brazilian waxing and a Strawberry one right?

So are you wondering what is special about STRIP's Strawberry Wax?

A new sweet smelling strawberry wax joins STRIP’s world famous range of waxes. Developed specially for first time Brazilian virgins, it packs in the healing powers of chamomile and aloe vera to calm and soothe even the most tender skin. The creamy pink wax wafts a deliciously comforting strawberry scent. It is specially formulated to be super soft and easy to apply. And because it can be spread so thinly on the skin, it dries quickly and evenly. This means virgin hairs can be removed without the discomfort caused by traditional brittle wax.

So how terrible/exciting/dramatic was Brazilian waxing for a Brazilian virgin (me)? Read on....

I went to STRIP located inside Beauty Emporium at House (at Dempsey Hill).  It is a beautiful and cozy place for anyone who would want to pamper ourselves.. Beauty Emporium is a world’s first one-stop shop for all our beauty and nutritional needs. Pamper yourself to a massage, facial, manicure, Brazilian wax or brow treatment, or choose from their handpicked selection of tunes, flowers, books and exclusive beauty range. Everything you need can be found in this one convenient location.

I was very impressed with the lovely decorations and displays at Beauty Emporium! One can really feel the dedication and creativity of the people who came up with these eye-catching displays.

See this creative display for the Strawberry and Chocolate Wax Brazilian Treatment that they have at their counter. Yan Yan Dip-Stick Strawberry Cream Snacks, A big jar of Chupa Chups Strawberry lollipops, Specially created Strip's Chocolate or Strawberry Super Wax badges.. Think when I saw these yummy display, I forgot I was there for a Brazilian Wax.. LOL... ( Yes, customers can help themselves to these sweet treats too..really nice right? )

On the right of the Strawberry sweet treats display, I saw these purple blocks..Do they resemble Lego?

No, they are definitely not big Lego.. These are ....

STRIP Brazilian Virgin Kits

STRIP had produced these handy Brazilian Virgin Kits for easy after-wax care and maintenance. (That is really thoughtful!)

Before I started the treatment, the friendly customer service officer took me through a full consultation (as this was my very first time having my Brazilian waxing) and let me understand more about STRIP's HSQ Mantra ( Hygiene, Speed and Quality) and assured me that I am in good hands of the professionals, and I do not have to worry about pain or feel embarrassed at all. They even have secret weapons to calm/company first-timers...


I was given 7 drops of Bach Flower essence – nature’s secret healing remedy – that helps induce a calming sensation and for extra moral support, I was also given not 1 but 2 cute squeezy animal toys to company me throughout the treatment.

Before I stepped into the treatment room, I was given my personal wax pack which included several disposable wooden spatulas (like big ice-cream sticks), a pair of disposable gloves, and a packet of wet wipe.. all sealed in the hygiene pack.

This is how the room looks like..

What is written on the ceiling:

Maybe you can try to chant this a few times, and the waxing will be done before you realise it.('',)

Even the strawberry and chocolate wax pots look so cute...

I forgot to take a picture of how the Strawberry Wax looks like in the pot, but it does resemble something like this:

Yan Yan Dip-Stick Strawberry Cream Snack - and the therapist let me smell the Strawberry wax and it indeed smelt like Strawberry.. So yummy isn't?.. Cannot imagine that even hard wax come in Strawberry and Chocolate flavours and you can find them all at STRIP.

Ohh.. so how was the treatment?

It was a very enjoyable experience for me I must say. After I wiped my nether area with the wet tissue provided, the Waxpert came in and prepared me for my first ever waxing treatment.. To be honest, I was more nervous, a little scared because I did not know how painful it was going to be.. but she made me feel very much relaxed and comfortable, without any embarrassment. She was very friendly and chatted with me during the entire process, and she would tell me what she was about to do at each step and this made me feel assured that I was in good hands.

STRIP Strawberry wax is a type of hard wax so there is no need to paste any strips of fabric over it before peeling off.. the slightly warm strawberry wax was applied to a small section at a time, left it on for a while for it to dry before she ripped the hardened strawberry wax against the direction of the hair growth.. Oouchh! The first peel was abit painful, but not to the extend of me screaming out though. The pain was 10X more compared to peeling my Kose white mask off my skin... The pain was still bearable.. The bear and zebra were both safe, I was just holding on to them, I did not squeeze or abuse them in any way.. just something for me to hold on to...

I did not count exactly how many times she applied the wax and ripped the wax off my skin, just a couple of times, and the pain lessened upon each peel.. Think I must say it is quite a 'Shiok' feeling now that I am thinking back as I am writing this review!!! After waxing with the yummy-licious strawberry wax, she went on to use a tweezer to tweeze out the few remaining very short hair..( tweezing out the hair is so much painful than ripping the wax off my skin)

Then she finished off by applying an ampoule (peace) on my skin. I was told it contains plant extracts that is anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and inhibits hair regrowth. It was my first time knowing ampoules for the nether area exist.. and the waxpert even told me there is also mask for the area, something like a facial and its called brazilian facial... OMG! I think I am a mountain tortoise ... Now then I know there is brazilian facial in the market.. - a treatment designed to treat problematic skin found in the most intimate body parts. To add on, there is also IPL for the nether area (not just at the bikini line) ...How interesting!!

And what I got was ultra smooth and soft skin at the end of the session. (thanks to the healing powers of Chamomile and Aloe Vera!) and  I am really glad to have try out my virgin Brazilian waxing at STRIP using it latest yummy Strawberry wax.. it was really an enjoyable session, and I know why some people are addicted to get their monthly brazilian waxing.. because it can be addicted during the process..(the ripping part!) but most importantly the addiction of having baby soft, smooth and clean skin in our most intimate body parts.. Really thanks to the friendly and professional waxpert (opps, I did not get her name though) who made my virgin waxing a wonderful one, and also shared after-care waxing tips with me.

Did I mention that 'no double dipping of spatula into the waxing pot' policy that STRIP strongly adhere to?  

I am actually looking forward to my next Strawberry brazilian waxing, or maybe I should try the Chocolate one on my next session? Oh... Yes.. once you start Brazilian waxing, it can be pretty addictive... Be warned! ('',)

Here are what I brought home..


Each kit contains a trial-sized bottle of:

  • X’ed out cream, 5ml -  to prevent and treat skin irritations, itchiness and ingrown hair.
  • Ice Cream, 5ml - a soothing, calming cream to soothe irritated skin with lasting moisture.
  • Strawberry body scrub, 5ml - blended with rich botanical extracts and refined lanolin for smooth skin
  • Strawberry moisturizing body butter, 5ml - provides hydration and protection to buttery smooth complexion.
  • 1 vial of peace ampoule for soothing hair follicle and retarding hair growth. (I had used it during my waxing treatment)
Good news!!! Special Promotion...

Till 31 July 2011, STRIP is offering:
STRIP Brazilian Virgins 30% off their first Brazilian Wax (U.P. $58)
On top of that, STRIP Brazilian Virgins get to purchase the Brazilian Virgin Kit at just $15 (U.P. $25)
Which means... Strawberry Wax Virgin Brazilian and a Strawberry Brazilian Virgin kit is just $56 (U.P $83) WoW, a saving of $27 !!

*prices listed above are before GST

Also check out the new STRIP outlet at Raffles Shopping Centre:

STRIP is proud to announce the opening of its second outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre, this time at street level. Facing Chjimes, the new outlet has five treatment rooms, each of which boasts STRIP’s trademark blend of colour and quirky custom designed furniture. Stripping off just became a lot more convenient.

STRIP Co-ed Raffles City street level #01-15 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6333 5375
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 9pm

For more information on STRIP's services and products, do check out their super cool and interesting

Special thanks to Michelle (Spa Esprit Group) and Pearlin for giving me this opportunity to try out such an exciting and yummy-licious Strawberry Brazilian waxing at STRIP.

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