Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwarie ...Style Your Hair Without "Burning" It

I have to admit I love straight hairstyle that is why I rebonded my hair at least once a year in the past decade, and also straighten my hair with my hair straighter pretty often. I just dislike my hair being frizzy and wavy and I find straight hair is the easiest hairstyle to manage ...

With regular use of hair straightener, I always make it a point to use a heat protectant product (cream/gel/spray) before I straighten my hair ..Imagine the high temperature/heat from the hair straightener can go up to 180 Degree Celsius .. getting Hair Burn is the last thing on my mind!

So what can a heat protectant product do for our hair??

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out a new brand called Fuwarie that will be launching in Watsons soon ...

Fuwarie is a styling series designed for use with hair curlers and irons, with the tagline

Style your hair without "burning" it!

The birth of the new Fuwarie includes these 8 hair styling products..

Fuwarie styling series are Japanese products so the packaging are really kawaii ... but Fuwarie do not just cater to ladies/girls who want to create kawaii hairstyles like the soft bouncy energetic curls that the above model has. ..because there are heat protectant products for people who prefer airy bobbed hairstyle and smooth straight hair..

And I chose these 2 products for smooth straight hairstyle so that I can protect my hair from heat damage when I straighten my hair..

^ Fuwarie Straight Styling Mist
For long-lasting, Smooth, Straight Hair
  • Protects hair cuticles from the heat from hair styling tools
  • Sets the hair as styled for extended wear.
  • Enhanced with Amino acid to repair damaged cuticles for beautiful shiny hair
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Light fruity fragrance

Directions of use:

Easy-to Use yet Secured Spray Mechanism To Prevent Spillage of Product:

Fuwarie Straight Styling Mist is easy to use. Just spray the mist on to hair a few times before using the straightening hair with my hair straightener. Hair protectant products in spray form is the easiest and most convenient to use compared to gel/cream type which may get messy during application.

^Fuwarie Soft Arrange Jam
Styling Jam without the sticky feeling

Product Benefits and Directions of use:

Fuwarie Soft Arrange Jam is light weight, non sticky and easily absorbed onto hair. It is said to help moisture hair ends and repair hair damages. Love the nice fruitty scent that lingers on my hair. Having UV protection is another plus point.

Trying the products with my hair straightener:

Long-lasting smooth straight hair with a nice light fruitty fragrance, without damaging my hair, is possible with Fuwarie Straight Stylist Mist and Soft Arrange Jam.

More information
*Fuwarie hair styling products are available at selected Watsons and ALT Beauty Corner @BHG.

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Anonymous said...

hey i have fuzzy hair do u think i should get that or do rebonding? any place in sg (or in jb) that u recommend for rebonding - good and cheap as always? thx dear! - w.

Sharon said...

Hi Wendy,

That will really have to depend on your need whether you want a temporary or a lasting solution to your problem.

If you were to straighten your hair daily with hair straightener, it will require some time too, but for my case, I think I have overly rebonded my hair in the past decade that I think my hair now quite fragile...I will stop rebonding for the time being and use straightener instead.

However, rebonding will be a more longer lasting option if you really have fuzzy hair, and you wont have to waste much time in the morning to straighten your hair too. For rebnding in SG, there are very cheap home salons but so far I dont really like them. In SG, I will recommend you to try Kimage or Chapter 2. So far I think Kiamge's rebonding is the one of the best I have done so far.

Another option is you can try Jean Yip at City Square. Cost ard SG$90++ (RM230 or so) for long hair like mine which touch my mid-back. Their soft rebonding is pretty good.

Of course when it comes to hair, I don't trust those that are cheap especially when it comes to having a hair cut because my hair style sort of affect my mood.. coz in SG you can find rebonding as cheap as $60-$70, but the problem is will they give good result or damage my hair?