Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Private Session With Sothys

A couple of weeks back, I attended a private session with Sothys at Heart Bistro @ Palais Renaissance where the 4 of us had a cozy and enjoyable afternoon chatting and indulging in yummy food & drinks with the triple-Js ( Jenny, Jasmine and Joyce) Marketing team of Sothys Singapore.

Of course, we also get to try out the latest range of Sothys products...

^ Introducing the highlights of the event ... Sothys latest Cosmeceutic Line -
[W.]+ Brightening Programme

Dull complexion and pigmented spots are equally visible signs of premature ageing. Sothys [W.]+ Brightening Programme provides a dual solution to lighten the complexion and treat specifically at the pigmented spots. Yes, an answer to reveal an uniform and radiant complexion!

The Benefits and Special Ingredients of Sothys [W.]+ Brightening Programme:

Sothys [W.]+ Brightening Programme includes these 5 innovative home care products ..

1.  [W.]+ Brightening Mask  ($135/50ml)
After cleansing, start your skincare regime with Sothys [W.]+ Brightening Mask. This creamy-rich and soft mask leaves skin luminous and supple after application.

Apply an even layer to the face and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Wash off and follow with [W.]+ Preparative Lotion.

2. [W.]+ Brightening Preparative Lotion  ($93/200ml)

A treatment lotion formulated with H2CR® Cosmeceutic Complex, [W.]™ + Complex and Prickly Pear extract, moisturizes, smoothes, and impart radiance to the complexion while preparing the skin for other products in the programme. This lotion is not the watery type, the texture feels more like an emulsion to me.

Apply daily to the face and nexk, avoiding the eye contour. Apply before using [W.]+ Double Action Serum.

3. [W.]+ Brightening Double Action Serum ($219 - 10ml x2 )

An intensive light-textured treatment acts on the targeted pigment spot and complexion for an uniformity and luminous complexion.

1 - Brightening Solution (White Pump)
Contains H2CR Cosmeceutic Complex and [W.]+ Complex to reduce spot color and provide a new radiance to the skin. Apply on the entire face during the day helps to give overall radiance.  To better treat target spot(s), apply locally on the spot(s) during day and night.

2- Peeling (Black Pump)
Formulated with Sothy's exclusive AHC + BHA + AHA and water lily complex to soothe and exfoliate dead cells for an immediate brightening complexion. Apply this serum to the entire face during the night, avoiding the eye contour.

4. [W.]+ Brightening Serum With Pure Vitamin C  ($505 /15 doses)

An intensive serum with pure vitamin C lightens pigmented spots and provides new radiance to the skin. This is a single dose bottle meant for 1x application and use only in the night.

The recommended frequency (effective treatment course)  is to use the 15 doses on alternate night for a month.

5. [W.]+ Brightening Fluid  ($167/50ml)

This is a light weight emulsion (slightly creamy than the preparative lotion) that brightens the complexion with H2CR Cosmeceutic Complex, [W.]+ complex and anti-ageing illuminating agent. This is the last step of the [W.]+ Brightening programme, to be apply daily after the use of [W.]+ Double Action Serum.

So here is the before and after effect after trying on the above 5 products..

Not too sure if you can see any difference between the 2 hands as the picture was taken under a dim lighting. But I can really notice the differences in both hands. My right hand appeared and felt so much smoother and luminous after I applied the 5 products.

That is not all.. the lovely ladies from Sothys Singapore also presented each of us with a pretty Sothy's classic-black pouch that is filled with Sothys [W.]+ Brightening products and samples for us to try. ('',)

More about Sothys [W.]+ Brightening Mask:

Full Ingredients List for [W.]+ Brightening Mask:
I had tried this mask for 3 times on my face and I am loving the instant brightening and moisturising effect on my skin after I wash off the mask. It just made my dull skin appear more radiance in just 15 minutes! Now I can indulge in a pampering and luxurious creamy mask treatment at home.

So where can you find/get Sothys products?

For more information on Sothys products and services, visit Sothys Singapore website . Do join Sothys Singapore Facebook Fanpage today for the latest updates on Sothys promotions and new product launches.

A big thank you to Sothys Singapore, specially Jenny, Jasmine and Joyce, for inviting me to this cozy session and sharing with us on the latest Sothys [W.]+ Brightening Programme. Thanks again for organising this event and preparing the lovely treats for us.

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