Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mini Sampling Treats Of My Holy Grail Double Eyelid Stickers

Hi all,

I am sure if you have been reading my blog, you will know I have hidden eyelids and I rely very much on double eyelid stickers to create a subtle double eyelid effect. These purple packs as shown above are my favourite, I love them lots and use them everyday.



Read my full review here.

I always have trouble buying from Pink Beauty because this design is always out of stock. And recently they replenished their stocks and I managed to get 2 packets, so I thought to share with you all my everyday love.

Not too sure if you would like them as much as I do I will be giving 3 of you a little sampling treat for my HG double eyelid stickers - Each of you will receive 8 pairs of these double eyelid stickers (new version- yellow colored tape as shown on the right of the following picture) just for you to try out.

Here is a closeup of the double eyelid stickers:

If you have obvious double/triple eyelids, don't think you will ever need these.. But if you are like me with hidden eyelids, do email me, leave me a comment here or on my Facebook telling me that you are interested to try these double eyelid stickers. (Do include your name and email address so that I can contact you if you are one of the winners.)

This mini sampling treat giveaway will end on 10th July 2011, 11.59pm. Winners will be notified on 11th July 2011.


Dee said...

Oohh, these look pretty natural when put on :)
Were they uncomfortable?
With single eyelids, i've tried such stickers previously and they feel kinda uncomfy... almost like falsies.. :P

<3 Dee

Sharon said...

Hi Dee,

These are my HG double eyelid stickers and I am into my 4th/5th packs. I am loving these and use them almost every day to open up my eyes.. I have to admit I am pretty much addicted to using these stickers.

They are very comfortable, dont even feel like I am pasting any stickers on. There are many double eyelid stickers with different shapes/sizes/length for different brands, think got to choose one that suit our eye shapes..

This one that I love is really cheap and good, only $2.90 for 240 pairs but the only problem is this particular design (the yellow colored stickers one)is always out of stock like no stocks for the past 6 months..

Falsies are very troublesome and uncomfortable.. I still trying to figure out how to wear falsies properly ..cause I always failed to do so.. Sometimes can spend 30mins still cannot paste them on.. dont know why..ya I dont have the right skill.