Monday, July 4, 2011

Review: AFC Gold CoQ10 Slim + Beauty

Besides AFC Tobashi Slimming Tea, I was also given a bottle of AFC CoQ10 Slim + Beauty to try out.

AFC Gold CoQ10 Slim + Beauty is a comprehensive 4-in-1 supplement that augments your health, puts the bounce back into your skin and gives you the luscious curves you've always wanted to see in your mirror reflection.

Functions of AFC Gold CoQ10 Slim + Beauty:
  • For healthier cardiovascular and blood circulation
  • Promotes healthy skin turnover and radiant complexion
  • Promotes lean muscle mass and slim silhouette
  • Enhances metabolism for increased energy levels
  • Helps delay premature aging

Key Ingredients and Benefits of AFC Gold CoQ10 Slim + Beauty:

Full Ingredients List of  AFC Gold CoQ10 Slim + Beauty:

Active Ingredients per serving of 8 tablets:

Alpha- Lipoic Acid  120mg
Coenzyme Q10  60mg
L-Ornithine  100mg

Other Ingredients:
Cellulose, hydrolyzed starch, silicon dioxide, sugar fatty acid ester, sorbitol, lactose

* Do not take while on Warfarin therapy without medical advice.

Directions of use:  8 tablets daily, two times daily, preferably with meal.

Contents:  320mg x 240 tablets

Price: SG$78.50 (exlcuding GST)

About The Packaging/Product:

^Each bottle is wrapped in a vacuum sealed plastic wrapper. Here is how the tablets look like in the bottle. A small packet of silica gel is also found in the bottle. ( Silica gel helps to absorb moisture so products can be preserved longer)

^ Light yellow dots are spotted on the milky-white coloured tablets which are around the size of saga seeds.

^The diameter of each tablet is approximately 9mm. They are certainly not as big as Panadol.

My Experience After Taking AFC Gold CoQ10 Slim + Beauty:

I have been taking 8 tablets daily for the past 2 weeks or so. - 4 tablets in the morning after my breakfast and 4 tablets in the evening after my dinner. Yes, I have to swallow 4 small tablets each time after meal. I think it will be perfect if I just need to take 2 (1 +1 )tablets daily, instead of swallowing 8 (4+4) tablets in a day.

I do not find that it helps me to achieve a toned figure yet though. ( I am tooOOoo Fat and I doubt that taking a few pills in such a short time frame will work any miracle on me as I believe I still need to control my diet/calories intake and exercise regularly) I am missing my AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto meal.

However, I do find that it helps to increase my energy levels, I do feel more energetic at the end of the day. Normally I will need to drink a few cups of tea to keep myself awake, but after starting taking Gold CoQ10 Slim + Beauty, I no longer feel lethargic in the day, seriously!

This product also works to brighten my complexion and lighten my acne scar marks by a bit.. and I hope to notice a even better complexion after I finished my whole bottle.

For more product information, visit Lifestream Group Website or  join AFC Facebook Fanpage.

Thank you AFC Japan for sending me this bottle of AFC Gold  CoQ10 Slim + Beauty for my review.

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