Monday, July 4, 2011

Review: AFC Tobashi Slimming Tea

I had tried this AFC Tobashi Slimming Tea for a couple of weeks and I am here to share my experience...

So what is it?

AFC Tobashi Slimming Tea is a mixture of eight superb herbs with slimming and health benefits. It is beneficial towards excess fat deposits, especially at the tummy area, and occasional constipation. Without additives and chemicals, it has a mild pleasant taste without any bitterness.

Benefits of AFC Tobashi Slimming Tea:

1) Burns more calories and reduces fats storage with a blend of 8 slimming herbs

Teas are naturally rich in chemicals that are scientifically proven to boost metabolism naturally, including polyphenols, catechin, and epigallo-catechin-gallate. AFC Tobashi Slimming Tea is specially blended with polyphenols-rich tea including Oolong Tea and Black Tea which increase fat metabolism and prevent fat absorption. A research conducted by University of Tokushima School of Medicine demonstrated the oolong tea burns 2.2 times more calories than regular green tea. Oolong Tea has excellent fat burning results due to the higher concentration of polymerized polyphenols, produced during the fermentation process. This is 4 times higher than Green Tea. 

2) Reduces sugar cravings

Recommended by doctors and health and professionals, Gymnema Leaf is a renowned ‘sugar-killer’, proven to reduce sugar cravings and improve carbohydrate breakdown in the body. Rooibos Tea is an indigenous South African herb, helps to improve detoxification naturally. Ideal for those with sweet tooth.

3) Relieve water retention with natural diuretics

Food high in salt and/or sugar causes our body to retain fluids, leading to water retention and an uncomfortable bloated disposition. Adlay Seed and Candle Bush have diuretic properties that facilitate the removal of excess fluids naturally.

4) Eases bowel movement 

Candle Bush is a native herb used in tropical America and Asia for more than 1,300 years, scientifically proven to have a natural laxative effect. The active ingredient, anthraquinone, gives the tea a nice, fragrant aroma, and induces regular bowel movement. Its benefit is further enhance with the combination of Sicklepod Tea.

Full Ingredients List for AFC Tobashi Slimming Tea:

Directions of use:
Add one tea bag (3g) in 300-400ml of boiling water. Infuse for 1-2 minutes before drinking. Can be served hot or cold.

3g x 30 tea bags (90g)

Price: SG$23.28 (excluding GST)

About The Packaging:

^Once I opened the box, I found this sealed aluminium packet.

^Inside the packet, there are 30 individual packets of tea bags.  ( If it comes in a zip-lock packet, I think it will be more convenient to seal the packet after each use.)

^Unlike Lipton tea bag, each AFC Tobashi Slimming Tea does not come with an attached string. So just put the whole tea bag into a cup of boiling water and let it infuse for 1-2 minutes before drinking.

My experience trying the product:

For my very first cup of AFC Tobashi Slimming Tea, I added one tea bag to a small cup of approximately 200ml of boiling wtaer and it tasted quite strong.. No wonder the instructions indicated using 300-400ml of boiling water. So I added in more water and it taste so much nicer.

It tastes more like Chinese herb tea with a nice aromatic after taste. For tea lover like me, I do find the taste pleasant like drinking Oolong tea. I had tried other brand of Herbal slimming tea which I will end up having diarrhoea effect on the following day. However, I did not experience any stomach pain on the following day after I consumed this slimming tea though. Great as I hate having to go through the super stomach pain experience for defecation  . It helps to induce regular bowel movement instead, and I find myself experiencing defecation once every alternate day when I drink AFC Tobashi Slimming Tea daily. (What a big improvement for me as I have constipation all along.)

Thanks to the diuretic properties in Adlay Seed and Candle Bush, they help to reduce water retention, making my stomach less bloated after heavy meals.

Drink tea as your daily habit for health, overall wellness and lower the bad effects of unhealthy diet.

For more product information, visit Lifestream Group Website or  join AFC Facebook Fanpage.

Thank you AFC Japan for sending me this box of AFC Tobashi Slimming Tea for my review.

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