Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Introducing Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC - The Fresh Skincare Innovation

Last week, I attended Biotherm bloggers' event where we were introduced to Biotherm's latest innovation - SKIN.ERGETIC, which targets to fight the most visible signs of fatigue (see picture below to check if you have any sign of fatigue), and gives skin a new energy source - a powerful boost of moisture and radiance.

A few unique things about SKIN.ERGETIC Serum:

SKIN.ERGETIC Serum is an ultra potent antioxidant, see this experiment..the apple that is applied with SKIN.ERGETIC Serum did not oxidise even after 20 hours.

Key Ingredients and their benefits of  SKIN.ERGETIC Serum:

This is my first time seeing broccoli used as a skincare ingredient! I love to eat broccoli and now even my skin can eat it.. (Do you know broccoli is well known for its health benefits and is recommended in the prevention of cancer and heart disease?)

So how can broccoli help improve our skin?
According to Biotherm, broccoli is the best active ingredient to fight fatigue.. It is selected for its anti-oxidant functions and its capacity to induce defense systems, and most importantly it contains a very active compound called sulforaphane, which is an ultra-effective active ingredient for fighting skin fatigue.

Other fruits and ingredients present in SKIN.ERGETIC...

Fresh Skincare technology makes it possible to optimize the effectivess of the active ingredients via last-minute activation. This will help to retain optimum stability of sulforaphane extract for three months.

So how to you activate the broccoli extract?? Just need to click once before initial use of product...

Check this video..

I love the sweet apple scent of the serum. It is lightweight in texture and absorbs instantly into skin, making my skin feel really smooth and brighter right after application. I had only used the product for less than a week so its too early to see any obvious results. However, one thing I noticed is these days my makeup is more lasting as it does not oxidise that much. I am impressed with it!

One thing to note is SKIN.ERGETIC contains 50ml of product! That is considered quite a lot of product for a counter brand serum, normal ones I see are 30ml, so I think can share with your mother or sibling so that the product can be used up within 3 months.

Biotherm is quite thoughtful as they even provide a space on the label itself for us to write the date of activation..

Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC Serum cost $99 (50ml) and will launch on 26 Aug 2011, this Friday and there is also a SKIN.ERGETIC preview launch party at Tangs Orchard on the same day. Simply RSVP quoting you're Biotherm Facebook Fan by 25th August to with your name, email and mobile. (Join Biotherm SG Facebook now for more details!)

Discover the Power of Fresh Skincare!

Do visit Biotherm website or join Biotherm SG Facebook for the latest promotions and latest product updates.

I had a great time! Thanks Grace and Byrant for making the event an enjoyable one!

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