Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Introducing the New Clarins HydraQuench Range - Intensive Serum Bi-Phase and Creams

Clarins will be launching its new HydraQuench Range which consists of the three products as shown in the picture. (from left to right: Cream Melt, Intensive Bi-Phase Serum,Cream Gel) I was privileged to be the first few in Singapore to experience these products that are inspired by Nature for Asian skin.

HydraQuench range targets to provide optimal hydration at all skin levels, all day long, for each skin type.

At all skin levels
Ideal skin hydration shows on the skin's surface but it starts deep down.  By helping to replenish the water reservoirs (Our true skin-~Dermis)  that lie deep down in skin, HydraQuench skin care acts on the very source of all skin levels' hydration.
All day long
HydraQuench skin care ensures long-lasting hydration by strengthening skin's moisture barrier and maintaining skin's optimal moisture levels all day long. This helps to prevent excessive water evaporation on one's hydrolipidic film(~skin surface). Even if you have oily skin, it is essential to moisturise your skin and keeping it hydrated so as to slow down the evaporation of moisture from the skin. If not, skin will get even oilier when more sebum is produced to make up for the moisture loss.  

For each skin type
HydraQuench Intensive Bi-Phase Serum helps restore even the most dehydrated skin. Complementary HydraQuench skin care optimizes this intensive hydration action.
  • Cream-Melt ~for all skin types
  • Cream-Gel ~ for normal to combination skin.

Now take a look at the differences between ideally hydrated skin and dehydrated skin..

We were also taught a simple method to check if we have dehydrated skin..

Look yourself into a mirror as you press your palm against your cheek. If you see a few thin, fine  lines appear as you apply pressure and then disappear when you release the pressure, this is a sign that you have dehydrated skin.

Spotted several fine lines? No worries.. here come the latest Clarins HydraQuench Range to your rescue..

Presenting the Key Ingredient used in the new Clarins HydraQuench range ...

Katafray - the housing and healing tree. (The tree plays a central role in local medicine, and also in the beauty rituals of Madagascan women who use it as a mask.)

Other Ingredients and their benefits found in the new HydraQuench range:

  1. Chondrus crispus extract - encourage the supply and retention of water at the heart of dehyrated cells in the epidermis.
  2. Sorbier - stimulates the microcirculation and ensures lasting protection of blood capillaries.
  3. Rhodiola rosea - ensures high protection against all biological stress factors.
  4. Pomegranate - tightens pores, controls sebum production
  5. Inca peanut - helps nourish and repair the skin and maintain cohesion of epidermal cells.
  6. Alpine willow herb - slow down sebum production.
  7. White tea - protects against harmful free radicals
  8. Hyaluronic acid complex - combination of two types of hyaluronic acid to ensure hydration on the skin surface and in the dermis.
  9. Katafray - Locks in moisture, prevents moisture loss and long lasting  hydration effect.

HydraQuench Range will be available at all Clarins counters from 26 August 2011. Visit any Clarins counter now to receive a 5-day trial supply of HydraQuench Serum Bi-Phase, along with a complimentary consultation.

For more product information and promotions, visit Clarins website or join Clarins SG Facebook.

Thank you once again to the lovely ladies (Jasmine and Cheryl) for the invitation to try out the latest HydraQuench range. ('',)

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