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Vichy's Thermal Spa Water and 80th Anniversary Celebration

Presenting my 2 Vichy Thermal Spa Water Spray.. Do you know the difference between these two bottles?

I am sure if you have visited Guardian or Watsons Stores recently, you would notice these atas-looking Vichy Spa Water Spray bottles (as shown above). These are specially launched to celebrate Vichy's 80th Anniversay, and yes they are Limited Edition and available in very limited quantity. (Only a total of 3000 sets for both the 50ml and 150ml duo packs are available islandwide!)

All Vichy Products are formulated with Vichy Thermal Spa Water, so what better way to commemorate this special occasion than to dress up its Star product - Vichy's Thermal Spa Water.

Last week, I attended Vichy Spa Water Workshop and got to know more about the product... and Vichy Spa Water is definitely not any normal water...It came from Lucas Spring which is located in the town of Vichy, in France. Thermal spa water from Lucas Spring has been recognised by the medical profession as having beneficial dermatological properties and it is this water that is used in all formulations for Vichy Products.

So what is so unique about Vichy Thermal Spa Water ?

Vichy Thermal Water is 100% pure and naturally rich with 15 rare minerals. It is clinically proven to have health benefits for your skin: regenerating, antioxidant, soothing and protective.  It is so unique, it cannot be reproduced by science.So powerful, it can reset your skin's health.

Reduces Skin Sensitivity
  1. Soothing  - Anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant
  2. Fortifying - Strengthens and protects skin tissue against ageing
  3. Regenerating - Stimulates cell renewal

Dermatological Standards:

-Tested by dermatologists.

Enriched with more than 15 rare minerlas for healthy, beautiful skin...

The amazing part is there are many uses and benefits for Vichy Spa Water:

Personally, I am using Vichy Thermal Spa Water as a toner. I love how it hydrates and soothes my acne prone skin. I just spray directly onto my face, before patting my skin for better absorption of the product.

During the workshop, I also learnt that I can make use of Vichy Spa Water to treat my skin to a refreshing and pampering mask treatment.. here is how..

Easy right? These compressed cotton masks can be purchased from SaSa stores at $2 for 10 pieces. (available in full sheet version)

There are really many uses of Vichy Thermal Water.. it can be used to make sweets..
These sweets were nice!

Too bad, these big packets of Vichy sweets are not for sale.. I wonder if these are available for sale in France?

We were also introduced to Vichy's Aqualia Thermal range.

A range to provide 24-hours hydration for dehydrated sensitive skin.

Unique ingredients used in this range include:

  1. Vichy Thermal Spa Water - 100% pure and naturally rich with 15 rare minerals. It is clinically proven to have health benefits for your skin: regenerating, antioxidant, soothing and protective.
  2. Aquabioryl - Instantly diffuses the hydrating sensation to each and every layer of the epidermis.
  3. Hyaluronic Acid - Penetrates into skin and protects it from the harmful effects of external factors. It also creates a protective film on the skin's surface, which acts as a barrier against water loss from skin cells.
My experience using the New Paraben-Free Formula Aqualia Thermal Mask..

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Mask is a rinse off mask that envelops skin in a comforting and softening hydrating thermal bath. Besides the above mentioned 3 key ingredients, it also contains Shea Butter and Vitamin E to moisturise and soothe the skin.

This mask is very creamy and it spread onto my skin like a rich moisturiser. There is also a pretty nice scent detected. If your skin is allergy to fragrance, it is highly advisable to get a sample to test on your skin before you purchase the product.

The instructions as indicated on the packaging:
Apply a generous later on make-up free skin. Leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse or wipe off excess. Avoid the eye area.

Here are some pictures I took when I was using the mask...

The mask was easily dispensed from the tube, and I had applied 2 layers of products on my entire face, avoiding the eye areas. It left a cooling effect on my skin, without any stinging sensation. As shown in frame 2, the mask was still pastel-blue in colour upon application. However, 10 minutes later, the mask sort of dry up and turned transparent (frame 3), but I can still see and feel the product on my skin. I just rinsed thoroughly with water. From the pictures, there seem not much of a difference before and after using the mask, but I can feel the difference when I touch my skin thereafter! It instantly made my skin so smooth and supple.  I love the results so much that I used the mask thrice in a week. ('',)

I was also given the Aqualia Thermal Aqua Gel - a lightweight gel moisturiser but as I am still using Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care Moisturiser, so I have not try the Aqua Gel moisturiser yet. (Will review after I have used the product)

A piece of good news to share!
We were also informed about an upcoming Vichy Spa Water contest in which the winner can win a
16GB Wi-fi iPad 2!

For more information and latest promotion updates, join Vichy Singapore Facebook Fanpage now!

Thank you Vichy Singapore and Pearlin for the invitation to attend Vichy Spa Water Workshop!

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