Monday, September 19, 2011

Grace Mask - Aloe Vera

This is my first time trying out Grace Mask and what I have with me is Aloe Vera Hydrating & Brightening Facial Mask that is suitable for all skin types.

More information about the mask:

Yes it is a sheet mask!

and it mask-ing Time!!!

See what I meant by full of essence... there is even more essence in the pack when I took out the mask..

Putting on the wet mask..

Luckily the essence on the mask did not drip all the way throughout my masking time... (just dripped once)

After 20mins..

(Removing mask and wiping off the essence on my skin... )

Dada... my bared skin... (ignore my messy hair)

This sheet mask is soaked full of essence. It is a bit messy when I was trying to unfold the sheet mask as my fingers felt abit sticky with all the essence around. Other than this, I love this mask. It really gives me an instant brightening and hydrating effect just after 20mins! My skin felt so moisturised and smooth after I wiped off the essence.

Grace Mask comes in different variants for different skin concerns and they are sold in a box of 10 pieces. Only available exclusively at Guardian Stores.

Retail Price: $29 (10 pieces/box)

For more information on the different types of grace mask, do check out

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