Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Strip's Unfurgivable Campaign

If people know how millions of innocent animals are beaten, hanged and electrocuted for their fur every year to produce these furry accessories like bags, shoes and coats, will they choose to go fur-free? So what do you think of these products?

Fugly or FURgly?

It is no secret that Strip: Ministry of Waxing is against fur - be it on our bare skin, bags, coats or shoes. So it's only natural for Strip to team up with international animal group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for the UNFURGIVABLE Campaign in the battle against Fur.

Yes you can now enjoy Strip Brazilian Waxing at a special price of $40 (Usual price: $58)  and if you are a HSBC cardholder, you just need to pay $35! (It is stated on HSBC website that this $35 promotion is valid for both new and existing customers, till 30 Nov 2011.)

During this Unfurgivable Campaign (from till 31 December 2011), Strip will also donate $1 to PETA for every Brazilian Wax done.

What's more..
Strip has also tied up with Havaianas to bring you the Strip & Havaianas kits!

Choose either the Top Ruby Red Kit at $40 (Usual Price $44.90) or the Slim Purple Kit at $45 (Usual Price $49.90), or simply grab both if you are a Havaianas lover.

I have gotten the Slim Purple Kit, and here are what you can find in it..

And just last week, I did my Brazilian waxing at Strip Buddy located at Wheelock Place #05-04. Check out the nice store ambience and creative decorations.

Previously I did the Strawberry waxing and this time round I tried the Chocolate wax which really smell and look like the creamy chocolate from the Chocolate fondue.. Actually both waxes worked the same for me, same level of pain + shiokness with the same smooth after effect.. I am not going to miss the attractive $35 Strip Brazilian Waxing deal from HSBC, and this time round I will most likely choose the Strawberry wax as it contains chamomile and aloe vera which will work to calm and soothe my skin (although I experienced no redness at all) and I prefer the subtle strawberry scent. To find out more about Strip Brazilian Waxing, you can read my full review of Strawberry Brazilian Waxing here.

Liberate yourself and the animals with a Brazilian Waxing by end of December. Here's another good reason to go bare skin and not wear skin!

Update: * Good news! Strip has extended their promotion for my dear readers - Each Brazilian Waxing Session now going at $40 (UP $58) with $1 going to PETA till end Dec!

For more information on Strip's Unfurgivable Campaign, visit www.antifur.sg or join Strip's Facebook at www.facebook.com/stripofficial

Special thanks to Chloe (Spa Esprit Group) and Pearlin for this lovely invitation.  

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