Monday, July 5, 2010

NDP 2010 ( Combined Rehearsal 3 )

I was happy that I got a pair of tickets to watch one of the NDP previews on 3rd July so I went to watch with my mum.

Its my first time watching NDP at the Padang, last year was at Marina Floating Platform.

It was raining and we got to wear the disposable rain coats that we have in our tote bags.. Pretty uncomfortable watching the parade in the rain... but nonetheless, many of us still braved the rain and watched the parade.. some pictures I took..

Walking towards Padang...

Making our way into the Parade Hall... ( we were seated in the blue sector)

Hosts for the show include Michelle Chia, Gurmit Singh..

Not much of fireworks, just 3-4 mini fireworks here and there... and the most memorable highlight for the NDP should be Kit Chan's performance.. her voice really superb...

My mood was dampened by the rain... its really not enjoyable to watch the parade in the rain... Kudos to all the performers, motivators, and everyone involved in the rehearsal... its not easy to brave the rain and put up a good show for us..

Ok, not to forget the tote bags.. Last year goodie bag was quite nice as compared to previous years obiang design but this year.. we even have designer-bags... and come in 7 designs.. ( I only saw 5 of them, I think the 2 very colourful ones should be limited edition coz I did not see anyone carrying, maybe they are only available on the actual day)

All the back of the 7 designs are the same print that looks like this:

In each tote bag, notice they even gave us a postcard which looks like the design of the bag.. think its real hard work for the packers, even have to be extra careful when packing the bags.

There is even a different game board at the back of each Fun Box Cover..

No more striking sponsors logos permanently stitched to the cover of NDP goodie bags... now they improvised and included a removable tag (each bearing an unique serial number) with the tote bag.

Meet the designers...

Personally I like the last 2 designs.. [ the most colorful one (2nd last) was not available at the rehearsal though... and I find the last design "My dreams are too big for this bag"  more ATAS looking! ]

When I was at Raffles City restroom, one lady told me she liked " Our pledge design" bag and said she don't mind carry it...LOL ('',)

Can bring these tote bags when going overseas .. use as a shopping bag.. think people won't know its a NDP bag..

Which one do you like most out of the 7 designs?

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