Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tang Tea House At City Square JB

In recent months, I have been hooked to Tang Tea House At City Square JB... Ever since I found this dining place, I no longer visit Kim Gary ( located at the basement)- Actually at Kim Gary, there is only one item that is nice which is the stone rice bowl.. the rest of their dishes really cannot make it, it has got tasteless spaghetti.

I have to admit in the past few years, I did pass by this shop.. but it somehow did not attract me to want to try their food there..but after having dine there once one fine day, I was hooked ever since.. ( What exactly made me kept going back again and again?)

On the first page of the menu, it shows the set menu ..Frankly speaking, I tried 2-3 of them, and I can say they are just average, dont expect any surprise.. if you are the first time there, please skip their set menu.. or else you will end up disappointed.

Some of the average food that I had tried before...

All their set menu comes with a hot/cold drink.. but the taste of the food really just average.. maybe a 5 out of 10 ( OK, I admit I have high expectations when it comes to eating) A nasi lemak set with a cup of hot/cold drink cost only RM8.00.

The Hor Fun and the 'Sheng' mian ( last 2 of the left column in the picture) are from their ala-carte menu... Yes, the food items in their ala-carte menu taste much better than those found under the set menu... ( around 6.5 out of 10) .. For around 2-3 Ringgits more, its advisable to choose from the ala-carte menu and order a separate drink...

The best part comes.. These are the 3 dishes/drink that kept me hooked.. I can purposely drive in just to eat these.. and I did eat them twice a week, once or twice before ( Crazy right?)

1) Yang Chow Fried Rice (RM9.00)

I was quite crazy over its fried rice ( comparable to the one at China Town Complex's Food Court fried rice and my mum's fried rice), everything was just right.. not oily, fresh ingredients, tasty.. ( actually the picture above should be the extra portion.. yes, I was so crazy over it, that I asked the staff if they serve bigger plate since the normal portion seem so little.. well, in the end, for extra RM2, the portion does not differ much, maybe just 1 or 2 mouthfuls more of rice, plus 2-3 bigger prawns) Eat this plate of rice on its own or top with green chilli for more flavours... ( Score: 9 out of 10) I also tried the luncheon meat fried rice, its also not bad.. but I prefer the yang chow fried rice.. they actually serve a variety of fried rice.. I don't know how the other fried rice taste, but you will never go wrong if you choose its yang chow fried rice.

2) Fried Fish Thick Bee Hoon With Milk (RM9.00)

The first time I ate this.. I was so surprised ! Why did it taste so nice...? ( Ok, Its comparable to the Tan Quee Lan St Fish Soup Stall, which is besides Apple fact better in my opinion)

I am a fish soup person and this yummy-licious fish soup thick beehoon meets every of my expectations.. The soup is really nice, flavourful.. with a perfect blend of rich condense milk and Hua Diao Jiu... ( don't worry it wont make you drunk!) Adding Hua Diao Jiu in the milky soup may sound weird, but it really enhances the overall taste of the soup making it very tasty! There is also some fried scramble eggs, a few slices of ginger and some green vegetables together with thick beehoon in the soup ( if you dont like thick beehoon, they also have thin beehoon, kuey teow and rice)... If there are more slices of fish.. it will be superb.. coz I think there are only 4-5 pieces of fried fish.. And I normally add some chopped chilli padi in the soup and its double satisfaction.. Oppss... I am getting hungry *v* when I think of this fried fish soup bee hoon ( Score: 9.1 out of 10)

3) Tea With Milk (RM$2.20-$2.40, cant remember the exact price)

For tea lovers like me, I really like the tea .... its those very rich type.. and it just taste right!! ( Think of Mr. Teh Tarik tea... its something like that.. just that this is the Chinese version of Mr. Teh Tarik tea) So far, it has not disappoint me.. ( Score: 9 out of 10) Regarding how other drinks taste like, I am not sure coz I only ordered the hot tea with milk everytime I am there.

The food and drinks served here are prepared by aunts who are more experienced and serious.. so that is why the food and tea here so nice ( and I guess the set menu already very cheap, they might have cook them in bulk resulting in a drop of quality as compared to their food found under the ala-carte menu)

Tang Tea House is located at Level 4, City Square Mall JB..
( 2 Levels above Watsons side)

* They don't charge 10% service charge.. but just a 5% tax if I remember correctly.. I know it just cost around SG$10 for 2 main dishes and 2 hot tea.. ( Cheap and nice!)

If you visit City Square JB, do give my 3 favourite food/drinks a try.. and let me know if you like or hate them..

But so far, I brought a few friends, Dear and Aunt to eat/drink these 3 items, none of them said not nice..


citrella said...

wow thanks for sharing. Will check them out when I go there to collect my wedding invitation cards.

Sharon said...

Hi Citrella,

Congratulations on your big day ya.... I saw a printing shop on the higher level of city square, u print your wedding cards there? I saw a couple of bridal studios in the mall too, did you also hv your wedding photos taken there? I guess majority of their clients should be singaporeans since it's the closest to customs..

The kopi-bread Chinese style coffeeshop at level 3 extension, infront of Dawn bridal shop, also got nice tahu Bakar n light version hor fun n pretty nice Penang laksa .. Chendol is nice, but their hot tea cannot make it! (last time I used to like the basement house of laksa, but recent year, the standard dropped drastically that I no longer visit)

do let me know if u like the fried fish soup, fried rice n hot milk tea ya..

Lynn said...

Wow! Hehe.
I tired the fried ice-cream in this stall but not the rest! Guess I should use this as an excuse to go in again! :P

AtelierGal said...

Hmm... think I may need to renew my passport ASAP so we can go binge together lol

Sharon said...

Hi Lynn,

you tired their fried ice is it? I never tried their desserts before.. but they seem nice.. saw that the cheng teng cost RM5.. should be full of ingredients bah..

So far, I only tried their main dishes and popiah... but my favourite 3 items definitely fried fish soup beehoon, yang chow fried rice and hot tea...

Go try and let me know ya... ('',)

Sharon said...

Hi Joyce,

haha to make things easier for you..I found you this__> direct link to renew your passport:

The other day I also wanted to bring a friend in, but on the day we wanted to go in, she then told me her passport expired..

If you renew your passport, let me know.. we can go into JB to walk walk and eat ('',)

July said...

i tried their food before & its really good! cheap & delicious

Sharon said...

Hi July

It's cheap n nice right? Just that their set menu only average .. N my favourites 3 items r really nice(",) I even thought if trying all their ala carte items... LOL

U tried their desserts before? How is it?